Fans Defend Shakira from 'Misogynistic' Banner | 22 Words

Fans have rallied together this week to defend Shakira from a terribly misogynistic banner made about her ahead of her boyfriend's soccer upcoming match...

And naturally, it caused quite the storm online.


Because in 2021, how is misogyny still a thing?!

Misogyny - the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls - still sadly exists...


And although so much is currently being done to prevent this kind of hate, many strong and powerful women continue to find themselves the victims of misogyny.

It's not okay...


And the most recent woman to be targeted is Shakira Mebarak Ripoll.

Now, we all know and love Shakira for being the Queen of Latin music.


The Colombian native is best known for her timeless singes such as "Hips Don't Lie", "Waka Waka", "Loca", and "Chantaje."

There isn't a single soul out there who hasn't heard Shakira's music...

And although she had a quiet few years as of late, the singer now seems to be more popular than ever.

We believe her 2020 Super Bowl performance with Jennifer Lopez has a little something to do with that!

Their electric performance was viewed by millions worldwide and it's safe to say that it certainly went down as one of the more memorable Super Bowl performances.

And not only was the performance a memorable one, but it was also historical.


Never before had 2 Latinas been booked to co-headline the Super Bowl! And Shakira said just days before the performance:

"I think the Super Bowl is a very American event, as American as it can get. It's also going to be a reminder of the heritage of this country, which is one of diversity and that's what we will be celebrating Sunday."

And alongside her musical career...

Shakira is an active philanthropist who works actively with numerous charities and foundations; particularly those that strive towards helping disadvantaged children in poor and rural parts of the world.

So all in all...

Shakira is one powerful woman.

But sadly, in the last week, she has been targeted by the most unlikely of people...


And it's triggered an incredible wave of support online from her loyal fans.

On March 7, the hashtag #RespectShakira started trending on Twitter...

And women from all around the world have not only been defending Shakira but have also been standing up against misogyny.

Now, Shakira is in a long-term relationship with Gerard Piqué, a soccer-player for Barcelona...


And the pair share 2 children together; cementing themselves as a firm power couple.

Barcelona is scheduled to play against their European rival team, Paris Saint-Germain, tomorrow...


And although Piqué isn't set to play in the match due to an injury, fans of Paris Saint-Germain decided to try and taunt the soccer pro anyway by using Shakira's name in a degrading banner.

According to pictures shared on social media, the banner read "Shakira a La Jonquera."

La Jonquera, per a 2012 piece by The New York Times, is located on the border of France and Spain and has "one of the largest brothels in Europe."

​Sadly, this isn't the first time the Colombian singer has been targeted.


​In 2012, photos spread of sports fans passing around a naked blow-up doll with "Shakira" written on the back after Real Madrid won the Spanish league title - something that Barcelona had won the past 3 years in a row.

This kind of hideous misogyny is sadly very common amongst men at soccer games...

And it's also very common in the entertainment and music industries; places were women are degraded on a daily basis.

This barbaric "hooliganism" culture needs to come to an end...

Because why should women constantly be degraded and put down by men just for the sake of their own masculinities?

Just because Shakira is a strong woman does not make this okay.


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