Fans Pay Tribute to Robin Williams 7 Years After His Death

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Comedian and actor Robin Williams tragically passed away 7 years ago today. Readily described as one of the greatest entertainers of all time, he is remembered fondly for his beloved roles in some now-classic films.

Williams sadly took his own life on August 11th, 2014, after a long battle with Lewy’s dementia. He was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which destroyed his physical and mental health.

His death rocked the world as he had played the central roles in many of our childhoods playing characters in films such as Hook, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, and Dead Poets Society.

Every year, people flood social media with tributes to the late actor who was sharing his wonderful talent with the world, mourning the loss of a comedic icon.

“If Heaven exists, to know that there’s laughter, that would be a great thing,” he once said.

“7 years ago today, we lost this fine soul. I genuinely miss him every day but, thankfully, there’s plenty of his grace, charm, and wisdom (and madness) on YouTube to enjoy. Watch some today, will give you a massive smile,” film journalist Scott J. Davis wrote, among many tributes.

Zak Williams, the eldest son of the actor, spoke to 2GB Breakfast about his dad. “Things like collecting, he was very into collecting toys, which is awesome when you’re a young child. He was also very into technology and science, so we would go to museums. For me, it was like a dream come true to be able to grow up with a dad who was so engaged in things that I was engaged in,” he said.

When asked if he still misses him Zak replied: “I do. It’s important for me to really carry on the legacy. I really believe that his spirit is with us.”

Following his death, former U.S President Barack Obama released a statement that still rings true today. “Robin Williams was an airman, a doctor, a genie, a nanny, a president, a professor, a bangarang Peter Pan, and everything in between. But he was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien – but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit,” it read.

“He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets,” it added.

Robins spirit still lives on today and, “Remember, ‘You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”