Fans Rush To Defend Leonardo DiCaprio Over Recent Topless Photos | 22 Words

Fans have rushed to defend Leonardo DiCaprio this week after recent beach photos spurred a barrage of "body-shaming" abuse...

We all know that Leonardo DeCaprio has stolen the hearts of thousands over the years.

Leo started his acting career in 1991, but caught the attention of many excitable women - and men - when he starred as the romantic lead, Romeo, in the 1996 adaptation of Romeo + Juliet.

But the world fell further in love with the star the following year...

When he starred as the young and naive romantic, Jack, in the 1997 blockbuster, Titanic. 

And, just like a fine wine...

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Leo has only got better with age. And, quite predictably, the Hollywood hunk has had his fair share of relationships.

People are always speculating as to who could be Leo's newest love interest...

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And it's always left to a guessing game as it is quite rare that the actor is seen without a new - notably younger - woman on his arm.

However, despite his charm and appeal...

A photo of the actor has started circulating online, and it has prompted the actor to receive a whole load of body-shaming abuse.

The incriminating picture was snapped while he was out enjoying a beach day in Malibu.

Leo was seen wading into the water wearing a pair of swimming trunks with his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-star, Emile Hirsch.

Nothing too out of the ordinary, right?

Well, several different publications latched onto the photos, and subsequently used them to publish "body-shaming" headlines that pointed out Leo's "dad bod."

The headlines were nothing short of disgraceful.

One publication published their article with the headline, "Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio that gives hope to all men as he shows off dad bod", while another wrote, "The actor was sporting a dad bod while on vacation with friends."

Thankfully, Leo's loyal fans have jumped to his defence.

Here's the incriminating photo.

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