Fans Shocked to Discover There’s Another, ‘Secret’ Jenner Sister

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Caitlin Jenner has always been vocal about her two of her daughters, Kendall and Kylie, I mean, it’s hard not to be, right? But there is one “secret” sister that we’ve all forgotten about and we have pictures to prove that she’s just as gorgeous as her other sisters.

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Before this revelation, we thought there was only Kendall and Kylie as far as the Jenner daughters go, but it turns out we were totally wrong…

But finally, this “secret” sister is getting the recognition she deserves…

Remember? When the gold-medal-winning Olympian and partner to Kris Jenner transitioning into a woman back in 2015?

Caitlyn came into Kris’ life after the death of her first husband, attorney, Robert Kardashian. She went on to have 2 children with Kris (Kendal, and Kylie) and was hastily blended as a significant father figure to all the Kardashian sisters.

And, in true Kardashian-Jenner fashion, she came out on the cover of Vanity Fair. People marveled at the impressive transformation, which had completely eliminated any traces of her previous self. She underwent her final operation – the irreversible sex-reassignment surgery – in 2017, officially marking the birth of Caitlyn.

In her debut Vanity Fair interview as Caitlyn, she explained how liberating it felt to finally be open as a woman: “I have nothing left to hide. I am kind of a free person, a free soul. Up to this point, I would wear, you know, Bruce would wear sweatshirts with hoods on them so paparazzi can’t get pictures and all that kind of crap.”

When asked about sending a full airplane out just to pick up her Mom, Caitlyn explained: “I know. What I told her: “Isn’t Caitlyn a much better friend?” Bruce, he would never send a plane. No, no, no, what a jerk the guy was, O.K., Caitlyn is like, “Send the plane. Mom, we’re sending a plane, we’re going to go pick you up and bring you down here.”… It seems like she has a lot more friends than he ever had.”

The shocking transition understandably took its toll on her daughters, Kendall and Kylie. For the 2 girls, the birth of Caitlyn meant the loss of their dad as they knew him. “My dad says it herself sometimes, it’s kind of like mourning the loss of someone, because it is,” Kendall said in a candid interview about Caitlyn’s transition. “My dad is my dad, but he’s not there physically anymore. But she lets me call her dad — that’s the last little piece of dad I’ve got.”

“It’s an adjustment. It’s something you have to get used to. But I’ve known since I was a kid,” Kendall revealed in the same interview. “He never confirmed it to me, but I’ve known for a very long time. It’s the same person.”

In addition to Kris Jenner and the other Kardashian sisters cutting ties with Caitlyn Jenner after the release of her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, the youngest Jenner sisters soon found themselves growing distant from their father.

And Kendall has remained loyal to her mom, Kris, during her parents’ feud. “Kendall is loyal to Kris[Jenner] and has very little to do with her dad. The more time that has passed, the more she feels Caitlyn has let her down with the things she has said and with her actions,” a source shared with E! News back in 2017.

Last year, Kendall’s ex-boyfriend and NBA star, Blake Griffin, decided to have his own little jibe at their damaged father-daughter relationship.

Griffin just couldn’t resist squeezing that Kardashian-Jenner flannel completely dry, could he? During the Roast of Alec Baldwin, Griffin saw his opportunity and seized it… By taking to the podium to rip Caitlyn to shreds.

He began by poking fun at a typical Kardashian-Jenner stereotype… “Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment in 2017, finally confirming that no one in that family wants a white d*ck.”

This gag was an obvious reference to how the vast majority of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ boyfriends are black. Ouch. Though Caitlyn did laugh and give a standing ovation, so she must agree with him on some level.

Then Blake added, “Caitlyn’s p*ssy is so young, Alec just called her a rude thoughtless little pig,” which is a joke about how Alec called his daughter, Ireland Baldwin, exactly that in an infamous voicemail from 2007. Okay, that one must have hurt.

He began by genuinely thanking Caitlyn for her bravery with her transition, and the doors she has opened for other trans people. So far, so good, right? However, he then went on to say: “On behalf of the entire NBA and half of the rappers on the Billboard charts, I want to thank you for giving your daughters their daddy issues.”

Though she initially laughed and clapped along with the brutal joke, she responded with a slightly frosty remark: “I’m not perfect. I’m a person trying to figure out my life, just like everyone else. All I want is for future generations of transgender people to know that if I can find the courage to be who I am, then you can too. If you have a problem with that, then you can suck my d***. If you can find it!”

And she was seen laughing and clapping on the sofa with the likes of Alec Baldwin and Robert DiNiro throughout the full ordeal.

Uh oh. However, Caitlyn took to the podium and proved that she can also make fun of herself and since then, she’s gained way more followers for her laid-back response.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are both known for always being in the limelight, whether it be something positive or negative. But hey, I guess that’s the price you pay for fame.

Born in 1980, Cassandra Marino is the eldest daughter of Caitlyn Jenner and Chrystie Crownover. In an article by The Sun, it was revealed that she is married and already has 3 children with her husband, Michael Marino.

She has decided to keep the rest of her personal and professional life a complete mystery in order to remain out of the spotlight.

But from what we can see in her bio, she is “house-obsessed” but there’s no point assuming if she is trying to stay away from media attention as she hardly ever gives interviews.

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