If there's one thing that the internet can agree on, it's that Keanu Reeves is an all-around great guy. From his roles in some of our favorite action thrillers, to his more dramatic roles in films like Dracula, he's a multi-talented actor, sure - but that's not why the internet loves him so much. He's also known for being one of the nicest (and least problematic) celebrities on the planet.

Reeves has lived a life marred by tragedy and has only ever come out of it with generosity and kindness for the world around him. The internet is basically obsessed with this incredible dude.

His latest red carpet appearance has got everyone excited - because he's finally gone public with a girlfriend! Keanu has been being uncharacteristically open about what's going on in his love life of late.

But some shortsighted fans of Keanu initially thought that his artist-girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, was actually another famous face - Helen Mirren. Scroll on for this pics - do you see a resemblance?

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1964, Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor.

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He currently resides in the Hollywood hills after gaining fame in an impressive range of massively successful movies.

He first rose to fame in a pretty unlikely franchise.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) told the story of two slackers travelling through time. It was so successful that it was followed by a sequel: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991.

But Reeves has never stuck to just one genre.

In 1992, he starred in Gothic horror-romance, Bram Stoker's Dracula - although his performance in this rather overblown movie has been pretty much universally panned.

Reeves is perhaps primarily known for his roles in action movies.

He starred in buddy-cop thriller, Point Break, in 1991, alongside Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze. It was a commercial smash and went on to garner a cult following.

But there's no doubting where Reeves gained most of his fame.

His role as Neo in The Matrix franchise is what really made Keanu Reeves into a household name. The movies are still thought of as touchstones within the science fiction genre.

But aside from his professional achievements, Reeves hasn't had such an easy life.

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He's faced a life that one wouldn't wish on their worst enemy.

He encountered grief at a very young age.

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Keanu's father walked out on the family when he was just 3-years-old, and he was ultimately arrested for possession of drugs in 1994, leading to Keanu not wanting to ever contact his father again.

Keanu looks back on that time in pain.

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"The story with me and my dad’s pretty heavy. It’s full of pain and woe and f****** loss and all that s***," he told Rolling Stone in 2000.

Despite leaving high school without a diploma...

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Keanu went on to make his big break in acting during the 1980s, and it's safe to say he managed to do pretty well for himself whilst dealing with difficulties in his family life.

But in 1991...

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His younger sister Kim was diagnosed with leukemia aged just twenty-five. Keanu devoted himself to her care, suspending filming 2 Matrix sequels to be by her side.

Thankfully, she was in remission by 1999...

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And this was around the time Keanu met actress Jennifer Syme at a party for his rock band Dog Star.

The pair fell in love and were expecting a baby together.

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They had already named their unborn daughter, Ava, when tragedy struck. The baby was stillborn on Christmas eve, which was a month before the due date.

The pair were crushed.

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Heartbroken, Jennifer is said to have suffered post-natal depression before grief tore her and Keanu apart. They split soon after but were rumored to have been trying to work things out just before her sudden death in 2001, aged just twenty-eight.

Keanu was completely broken by grief.

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Jennifer was killed instantly in a car accident en route to a party at Marilyn Manson's house. A grief-stricken Keanu carried her coffin as she was laid to rest beside their daughter.

But Reeves didn't let this tragedy make him bitter.

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Instead, he's become an incredible philanthropist. He's well known for supporting a wide range of charitable causes, from PETA to Stand Up To Cancer.

And that isn't all.

It was recently revealed that Reeves gave all his profits from the sequel from The Matrix to the crew. And he didn't even want credit for it, saying, "I’d rather people didn’t know that. It was a private transaction. It was something I could afford to do, a worthwhile thing to do."

Keanu has an open outlook on grief...

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In 2006, he opened up in an interview about the agonizing depths of his pain: "Grief changes shape, but it never ends. People have a misconception that you can deal with it and say 'it's gone, and I'm better.' They're wrong, when the people you love are gone, you're alone."

When his domestic dreams shattered, he embraced a rootless existence.

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Keanu is known to have remained single for years and he even lived out of his suitcase in hotel rooms for a long period of time.

Keanu settled with this temporary lifestyle.

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For 4 years he called Los Angeles' Châteaux Marmont home. "Sounds quite bohemian and gypsy-like, doesn't it?" he joked of his lifestyle in 2010, "I'm down to one bag now, and smaller rooms in hotels."

He has now settled in his Hollywood Hills...

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People deal with grief in very different ways, and by living out of his suitcase, Keanu dealt with his grief quietly and privately.

Reeves has been fairly quiet on the acting scene in recent years.

But that's all set to change in coming months as Reeves will be starring in the third part of the John Wick franchise, Parabellum, out this month.

He's kept his private life very private.

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Including what's going on with him romantically. Until now, that is. Because last night, Keanu walked the red carpet at the ACMA Art + Film Gala, and he wasn't alone.

For the first time ever ...

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Reeves made a public appearance with his long-term girlfriend, Alexandra Grant (who looked totally gorgeous, by the way).

Grant is a full-time visual artist.

And a super talented one at that. Her Instagram page is filled with beautiful images she's created. We knew Keanu would pick a good'un.

And, even cuter?

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Reeves and Grant have acutally collaborated on some creative projects together. This includes the 2011 "grown-ups picture book" Ode to Happiness, written by Reeves and with illustrations by Grant.

The couple actually have a range of ventures together.

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They run a small press called X Artists' Books, which they describe as "a small publisher of thoughtful, high-quality, artist-centered books that fit within and between genres."

But also, just look at them.

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This is one of the cutest couples we've ever seen - and it seems the internet agrees. Images of the two being generally adorable are cheering everybody up.

The relationship timeline of the pair is largely unknown.

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The two first met in 2011, when they began their artistic collaboration. It's clear they became close - but quite how close is not yet known.

They've been photographed together over the years.

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But whether their touchy-feeliness was friendship or something more, we can't be sure.

But one thing's for sure.

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The pair are very much together now. And a source close to Keanu has offered some adorable insights into his new love story.

It seems after years of solitude...

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Keanu is ready to open his heart again. “Keanu wants to openly share his life with her," a source told PEOPLE.

"He is extremely happy and grateful to have Alex in his life."

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And as for when the two made the leap from friends to lovers? According to the source, they “started dating earlier this year, but have wanted to keep it quiet."

But some fans noticed something weird about the images.

In fact, the snaps of Keanu walking the red carpet with Grant caused some to do a double-take.

Because some thought they recognized Reeves's new love.

They thought Grant bore more than a slight resemblance to iconic British actress, Helen Mirren.

Here's Grant, for reference.

It's not just the shining silver hair the two have in common, either.

The two do pair more than a striking resemblance to one another.

Looking at both of their faces, we can sort of see why people got confused.

And people had a pretty surprising reaction.

Many thought Reeves and Mirren were dating - and were strangely all for the slightly odd relationship.

It seems some were genuinely confused.

Perhaps some of Keanu Reeves's fans are a little bit shortsighted - or have a condition where they see every grey-haired woman as the same?

But others had this reaction.

After initially believing in the Mirren and Reeves relationship, some were sad when they discovered it was not the real deal.

FYI, Helen Mirren is married.

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She's been with famed director Taylor Hackford since 1997, and in spite of her crush on Jason Momoa, the pair look set to go the distance.

But some have had this reaction.

Are we as a society so unaccustomed to seeing an older woman rock her gray hair that we just start to think they all look the same?

Or is it actually not that deep?

Either way, we can't wait to see how Helen Mirren responds to the mistake. We bet she'll be more than a little flattered. For more of Keanu being adorable, keep on scrolling.