TV star, Dr. Phil, has concerned fans after his screenshots from most recent TV appearance went viral on Twitter.

Keep scrolling to see the "terrifying" footage...

We're all familiar with Dr. Phil.

The self-help expert, also known as Phil McGraw, is a TV sensation.

He's just a regular guy from Oklahoma who earned a Doctorate in Psychology.

Though he no longer holds a license to medically practice.

Dr. Phil began his early career as a guest on Oprah's hit talk show, and then moved on to have his own show.

According to Dr. Phil's Wikipedia page, Oprah was so impressed with Dr. Phil he appeared multiple times on her show and was soon offered his own show to be produced by Harpo Productions.

He grew in popularity.

Not bad for an unlicensed doctor.

With controversial guests and all...

Does anyone remember the "Catch Me Outside" girl? She went viral after her appearance on the show.

And remember that time he shaved his mustache?

It was an April Fool's joke. There is no way Dr. Phil would really shave his million-dollar mustache.

He's even been spoofed on SNL.

So we know Dr. Phil has made it big in Hollywood.

Dr. Phil does his best to give out solid advice.

And he's obviously very good at doing it on television.

And he recently got roasted online for his choice of home decor...

Dr. Phil may be good at psychology, but from the looks of his South California mansion, home design is not.

Dr. Phil's Southern California home hit the market at $5.75 million.

Which is not an usual story for a celebrity. Many of them list homes for sale all of the time.

But when pictures of the interior of the home were shared on the internet, Twitter gasped.

As did everyone else.

Reporter for the LA Times, Daniel Miller, tweeted some of the pictures.

The LA Times article was written by Jack Fleming covers luxury LA real estate.

Many immediately noticed the shrine of guns displayed on a wall.

Displayed in a dining room of all places. Imagine a family gathering that goes wrong in this space. Yikes!

While others were very confused by the art on display.

Only Dr. Phil understands it, hopefully.

This pool table has got to go.

It's like something straight out of the gaudiest Las Vegas hotel room.

But the roasting of Dr. Phil and his mansion was epic.

This was literally a thought I had when I was looking through the listing.

This week, however, concerns have grown for the star's health.

His appearance during his latest TV stint has had fans extremely worried. Keep scrolling to see the pic.

Some have dubbed his appearance as "terrifying."

Many have also described him as looking like a "ghost."

The picture quickly went viral.

"Holy s**t"

Here's the photo in question:

Definitely not his finest hour...

Theories have begun circulating...

Maybe it's simply because he didn't have his usual stage make-up on? What do you think? For more on Dr. Phil, scroll on to see the moment Bam Margera begs Dr. Phil for help during a fifty Instagram post breakdown...