Blue Heron Farm is a goat and dairy farm outside of Houston, Texas. They have adorable goats, and they make cheese using their milk, so they are pretty much already superheroes (cheese is the best), but then they went and did something else extraordinary.

The Blue Heron Farm  Twitter account recently went viral because they have a litter of gorgeous newborn puppies, and they decided to dress those puppies up for Halloween in different costumes every single day for the month of October. I know, it is already too cute, and you have not even seen the pictures yet. Their foster pup gave birth to five teeny tiny adorable pups in the last couple days of September, so what were they going to do, not take a million photos of these precious pups dressed up for Halloween every day of the month? They did what they were practically forced to do, and thank goodness they did because we all need this cuteness in our lives right now.

You've got to love a dog in a Halloween costume.

Of course, only dress up your dog if your dog likes to be dressed up or is teeny tiny enough that they're pretty much sleeping all the time and probably have no idea that they're in costume.

Sushi pup

This is the perfect costume for a teeny little puppy. That was clever thinking with the little sponge! Also, look at that little pink paw.


These people need to stop making their puppies look so delicious to us viewers. I want to eat them up!


OK, you know that whole cute aggression feeling where something is so adorable that you want to destroy something? That's where I'm at right now.


Obviously, this puppy has superpowers. Being that cute is a superpower.

Sushi pair

I wonder if this is the runt of the litter and that's why she's got the little shrimp on her back.


Bumblebees are cute, but for some reason, this one is cuter than all the rest. I can't put my finger on why.


This is so precious that it makes me want to scream. Like, I'm about to let it rip because I have run out of words to talk about how cute this is.

Flower pup

This pup has been alive for mere days, and she already has almost 600 retweets. Good for her, she deserves it.


OK, I love turtles. They are the cutest reptiles by far. So when you make this little puppy an adorable turtle, I simply lose it.


The little yawn is too good! I want a whole jungle animal photo shoot with these pups.

The Breakfast Club

Ooh, these look so delicious! I hope the folks at Blue Heron understand that we will need pictures like this every year from now on.

Tiny ballerina

Is this my new computer background? Maybe. Do I want to adopt this puppy? Yes.

Baby carrot

I have never said this before, but I want to cuddle with this carrot.


OK, this little pup is also adorable because he looks a little grumpy, and I relate.


This adorable costume was ripe for a pun, and I couldn't resist. Sorry, not sorry.

Pup in a pod

Peas are one of my least favorite foods, but I would eat them everyday happily if they looked like this!

Salt and pepper pups

Pepper is strutting her stuff, but Salt looks a little uncomfortable with the whole thing. Though, together they make a great team.


Don't tell this to my dog, but this is a great way to attract squirrels to you so you can then chase them around the yard.

Candy corn

Whether you like candy corn or not, you cannot deny that this piece of cuteness looks like a delicious treat.

Beanie baby

This is such a clever and easy costume! I feel like I could totally do this myself. That gives me an idea.


Watermelon isn't just a delicious fruit, it's also a trendy pattern, and this pup is killing her new look!

Pirate pup

This is the first view we get of the proud puppy mom. Look at that smile on her face.

Poop emoji

It's technically chocolate ice cream, but everyone knows the poop emoji when they see it. That doesn't make it any less adorable.


Sure, it's not Halloween yet, but it's as good a time as any to start celebrating the winter holidays.

Hello Kitty

What a little ham this puppy is! He was born for the spotlight.


"I'm the sheriff of this here litter, and I'd just like to say hello and can you please cuddle with me?"


A little baby bug is cute enough, then they threw in the beaming, proud dog mom, too!

Cookie monster

This pup wants all the milk bones, and he wants them now.


Don't worry, there are still a few days left in October, so there are more puppy costumes to come! Share this on Facebook! Everyone will love these puppies.