There is no denying that property developers can get a little greedy from time to time. The desire to build and build exponentially obviously offers the potential for higher earnings. But the true cost of building apartment block after apartment block is clear. It means the loss of land - land that used to be used for things like farming.

Usually, when a property developer sets their sights on a piece of land, they get what they want. But occasionally, one of the original landowners tends to rebel. Such is the story that's breaking the internet this week.

When a developer asked Polish farmer Michal Myslowski to sell his land to allow them to build an apartment block on it, he had a rather unexpected reaction. Instead of rolling over and selling his land up, he decided to take a stance, and say no. All of the other farmers in this area of Lublin, Poland, did sell up, which has left the landscape looking rather ... unusual.

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The vast majority of Jantarowa Street, Lublin, is filled with fancy-looking apartment blocks. But there's also a small expanse of farmland amongst the residences - and it continues to be in full working order. Myslowski has kept ahold of his land and still uses it to grow crops - even though he's right next door to many modern buildings.

And it seems people are loving his bold stance! Videos of Myslowski farming his land beside the apartment blocks have been going viral on YouTube, and they make for a pretty impressive watch.

"People are fine. They understand that I have work to do. They watch and make videos. The children are also happy. There have never been any problems with it," he told Polish outlet Dziennik Wschodni.

"As a resident, I can say that it does not bother us at all, on the contrary. Better such a view outside the window than being surrounded by concrete buildings," local resident Katarzyna agreed. "Some would give anything for such views."

People on the internet also commented on their displays of support for Myslowski. "As someone who has seen the loss of farmland around me in favor of warehouses and business parks I feel this man's pain and admire his 'f*** you' attitude," wrote one.

"Glad this man won. Others aren't as fortunate," another one added.

"I've literally heard people swear that we don't need cows because milk comes from the milk factory near their home, that we don't need farmers because we import everything. Meanwhile, the media and the government are destroying the farmers," another comment reads.

What do you think of this amazing video? We're loving Myslowski's rebellious stance - plus, these videos make for wonderfully surreal viewing!