Farmers Are Protecting Their Cows From Frostbite With Earmuffs

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After a picture of a calf wearing the cutest accessory to protect it from frostbite was posted on Twitter, the internet completely lost it.

The image has encouraged other farmers to post pictures of their calves, and now people want them for their household pets.

Brace yourself for the biggest cuteness overload…

Winter weather can make us all feel, well, a bit chilly.

Winter isn’t really favored by the majority – we know we’d rather be sipping cocktails in the sun.

After all, no one wants frostbite.

At least we have warm homes to go back to – just think about all the animals living outside in the winter.

Calves are especially at risk.

Not only is it pretty smart, but its also the cutest thing you’ll see for a long time.

Brace yourselves for the biggest cuteness fix you’ll ever have.

It seems to be the latest cow fashion trend. Just wait until you see the pictures…

Unsurprisingly, the tweet went viral. Just look at that little face.  

And the outcome is the best thing that we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

This little guy sported a two-toned headpiece.

Instead, they’ve been choosing a waterproof material for the ensemble.

And we think that it looks just as cute.

We think that the orange really compliments his eyes.

Cuteness aside, the earmuffs have an extremely important purpose.

According to Dr. W. Dee Whittier, leaving calves in the cold can cause severely frostbitten body parts as well as hypothermia and even death. “If a calf freezes its feet, it must be put to sleep or it will die,” he wrote.

Naturally, many were offering their services.

We’ve all been there.

This Twitter user posted a picture of a cow sporting the sweetest jacket.

This pooch wanted his very own.

Some people were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the earmuffs.

This user claimed that the earmuffs were unnecessary.

And more images have surfaced of farmers’ attempts to keep their calves warm during the chillier weather…

He definitely looks toasty.

I wouldn’t mind a pair for myself.

One Facebook commenter said: “Can they be made for dogs and cats”

Keep scrolling to see one farmer’s attempt at staging a Tiger King photoshoot by painting their cow…