From pricey meet and greets to outrageous merchandise, it's no secret that celebs can charge a big buck for their name. After all, even those who have a six-figure bank account can become greedy for more.

But for former Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, she's taken this to new extremes by requiring potential suitors to shell out $5000 to wine and dine her. And these are no ordinary, casual dates...  the reality star runs a tight ship and there's a full-blown background process undertaken before the get-together.

Confused? Keep scrolling to see what exactly you get for the $5k date package and the real reason why she's charging a hefty buck.


Farrah Abraham is known as being the original "teen mom."

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The star was first hurtled into the public gaze when she got pregnant at seventeen. Back in 2008, Abraham was cast in the first season of MTV’S 16 And Pregnant. 

The show followed a group of teen moms through their pregnancies, showcasing the realities of being a pregnant teenager. 

And it became a big hit with fans, with several spin-offs broadcast since.

Shortly after her reality-found stardom, Abraham was cast in the spin-off series, Teen Mom.

Farrah starred in all 4 seasons of the show, which came to an end in 2012.

Although, since, Abraham has made her views on the show perfectly clear...

Farrah has made her views about the 2015 Teen Mom reboot loud and clear – explaining that she thinks it’s not what it used to be.

The Teen Mom star hasn't had the easiest time.

Not only did Farrah get pregnant at seventeen, but her mom forced her to keep her child and wouldn’t allow her to get an abortion.

But that wasn’t the only hard thing that MTV caught-on-camera...

Whilst carrying the child, the baby's father, Derek Underwood, tragically died in a car crash.

Since leaving Teen Mom, Abraham has endeavored to make a success of her life.

Out of all the moms that appeared in on the show, Farrah has made the most effort to turn the experience into a springboard for her celebrity career.

She even starred on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2015.

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Although she didn't fall short of controversy during her time in the Big Brother House.
Fans of the show called for her to be removed from the house after she threatened to "kill" her housemates.
Abraham was called to the Diary Room after a row broke out with former Atomic Kitten singer, Natasha Hamilton. Speaking to Big Brother, Abraham said: "I'm going to straight-up kill this whole f-----g house," the Telegraph reports.

The reality star has tried her luck with a singing career too.

She released her debut studio album My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012, followed by a memoir with the same title. While her memoir received mixed reviews, the album received a staggeringly negative response from critics who went as far as to label her single "On My Own" as one of the "worst works of pop music ever made."

She's also ventured into cuisine.

After being propelled into TV stardom, Farrah decided to pursue her passion for cooking and took a course in culinary arts and management at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, in 2011. After earning her degree, she went on to launch her "Mom & Me" Italian pasta sauce line.

As for her love life?

She is happily single and says she doesn't have that much time for dating.

But it seems she makes certain exceptions...

The Teen Mom star has begun charging potential suitors a whopping $5000 to take her on a date.

The star already charges fans for personalized videos and snaps...

So it comes as no surprise that she's expecting those wanting to wine and dine her to write out a check.

So, what's in store for those who aren't scared off by the hefty price tag?

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It seems the star runs a very tight ship, as according to Abraham, all men are background checked and screened.

She also brings security with her...

Because you obviously can't be too careful.

And it seems she very much values chivalry.

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Guys, take notes... Speaking to TooFab, when asked if women should ever pay for a meal while on a date with a guy, Abraham explained: "I would say that is a danger zone and women should really stay away from paying for any meals on dates. "Women in general, like they should have the doors open for them. Men need to prove their worth. Like why are men around if they're not doing the manly duties that they should?"

Abraham also explained why she charges men in the first place.

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According to the star, she expects men to shell out because her time is "worth a lot of money." "You should always monetize your time," she said. "I mean you're monetizing online, why not in real life?"

So if you want her to take time out of her busy schedule...

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... you have to cough up. "Honestly I don't really need to go on dates right now. I'm so focused on work and just everything I got going on. So yeah, pulling me away from what I love in my life, I think you can pay me for my time," the star explained.

But it doesn't look like they'll be many queuing up to date her.

It seems numerous internet users are baffled by her pricey date package and have branded the star as "desperate."

Others have called the move "embarrassing."

As far as money-making ventures go, we can't see this being her most successful.