These Fascinating Facts From Specialty Fields Will Blow Your Mind

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When you’ve worked in a field for a while, you start to learn a different language. There are some things that every nurse in this world knows, but if you ask the average joe? He’d have no idea. Specialty knowledge is one of the most important parts of job experience, and all kinds of fields have it.

So when Reddit asked about those special nuggets of truth that are obvious in your field but unknown to everyone else, the internet had some amazing answers. Some of the facts are hilarious. Others are morbid. Some could save your life. What ties them all together is that they exist in their own worlds, obvious but hidden.

Get ready to add a few things to your “today I learned” files because we’re about to reveal the special knowledge of a few exciting fields. You won’t believe some of these facts but trust us: it comes from the experts.

“What fact is common knowledge to people who work in your field, but almost unknown to the rest of the population?”

Like the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Important if you need to see one!

Organic doesn’t mean grown personally by a farmer named Hank in Iowa??

Thanks carpet man!

First the carpet now the pipes…there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Like this important fact about appropriately spacing things.

You’re wrong.

We are apparently awful at telling truth from lies.

Like this gem from a teacher: it’s almost as if people are different in different settings.

How much someone speaks does not tell you how much they understand.

Like the significant number of people who call the ambulance when they very much do not need it.

Let’s talk medical facts! Like this horrifying gem here.

NOT that any of us would be unsupervised and taking drugs.

But those herbal supplements you use? They affect your body anyway.

There are TONS of common “medical facts” that are straight up wrong.

Is this horrifying or amazing? The world may never know.

There were a few exciting music facts in there.

I had no idea soundtracks worked like this.

Let’s check out the dirt on some high culture.

So it seems only fair that we get into cutting edge technology, like this fact which will make me paranoid about anything that goes on my computer for all time.

THAT’s what a printer does? Wild.

Who knew that language could play such a major role?

Or actually maybe not speaking per se.

Starbucks apparently sells milk, not coffee.

Hold onto your butts. The world is still as dangerous as it used to be, you just know more.

Please don’t murder us with large vehicles.

I’m never getting into a lifeboat again.

This is how you get nightmares about falling up.