Fashion Disasters You Won’t Be Able to Look Away From

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Listen, I don’t claim to be a fashion expert. I like my clothes comfortable, and that is my only requirement. But, I do know a fashion tragedy when I see one. And here we have a list of fashion choices that can only be described with words like unfortunate, dumb, ridiculous, nauseating, unholy, and Satan-inspired– you get the picture. No matter if you have a substantial sense of style or not, you surely have more of a fashion sense than those wearing the 29 pieces of clothing below.

This list has its fair share of confusing graphic tees, shoes that were clearly designed by aliens who have never seen shoes before, and many unfortunately naughty-looking designs. So strap in because folks, I don’t think you understand how wild a ride this is going to be. Without further ado, here are 29 fashion disasters you won’t be able to look away from.

In fact, they might make you look like Mr. Bean here.

With your nose, all scrunched, clearly disturbed by the sight in front of you. If you’re in a public space, try not to gasp too loudly when you see these tragedies of fashion.

You had meat tacos

Sure, it’s supposed to say “You had me at tacos,” but it looks so much like “You had meat tacos.” This isn’t a bad shirt, either way, to be honest.

Fierce and ocused

Someone at Old Navy wasn’t very focused when they were making this shirt, now, were they? The irony is strong with this one.

Cowboy flip-flops

This person should be arrested and thrown in prison for life without parole. This is a violent crime.

Dirty shirts

“I want like, a button-down shirt, but it should look like someone’s dog piddled all over it.”

Dope shirt

I guess D, O, P, and E do spell out DOPE, but when they’re all jumbled up like that, they can also spell PEDO. So, good luck with that.

Camel toes

“Hello, 911, I’d like to report a terrifying fashion crime.” 911 Dispatcher: “Of course, this is exactly what we’re here for. Go ahead.”

Distressed Sweater

It’s honestly disrespectful that Yeezy stole my grandfather’s sweater out of my moth-infested attic, and sold it online.

Wake me up! When is Saturday?

I’m reading this like it’s from the perspective of a sleepy amnesia victim: “Wake me up! When is Saturday? Where am I? Who am I?”

Grumpy cat leggings

Yeah, these are a big no. Even Grumpy Cat seems extra grumpy about how poorly these are designed.

Who cares?

The people who care are the World Health Organization, but then they go by WHO, well, it can have some unintended effects.

Red, white, and blue.

Newsflash: Just because something is red, white, and blue doesn’t mean it represents the U.S. flag. And no, this was not supposed to be a French-themed cowboy hat.

My day starts after coffee

But the text on this shirt starts wherever it pleases! Clearly, whoever made this hadn’t had their morning java.

Turd shirt

This t-shirt says Saturday. And this is why you don’t wear it with cardigans.

48 Solutions

I bet if I were to tap this guy on the shoulder and scream, “How many solutions is it?” into his face, he would very calmly be like, “I get this all the time. I have no idea, and I’m so sorry.”

I bus bus

I bus, bus! Do you bus, bus? We all bus, bus!

Right, left, wrong

Think about it… And there it is. These shoes are on the wrong shoe.

More war

While this is not actually about advocating for more warfare, I think the giant “More War” sign on the front might make people think that.

Playful pandas

Those pandas are playful all right. In fact, it looks like they’re having a really good time.

Let’s sleep in watermelon

This brings me back to a very serious ongoing discussion I have with my friends about what food would be best to sleep on. I don’t think watermelon is on the list.


There are approximately 8 million things wrong with this bathing suit, and I don’t have time to list them all– I’m going to trust that you see them too.

PJ set

Why! Why put the acorn over the crotch! I can think of no good reason or bad reason. I can think of no reason at all.


I suppose that Canada is supposed to look like the O in “home,” but I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it does not.

Ferocious moose

Yes, moose can be aggressive, but I don’t think they “rawr” like lions. And they are also huge, not “tiny but mighty.” Using a moose was the wrong choice for this onesie.

Flower power

This is a flower shooting out of her vagina, but I quite like it there! It would make me feel powerful.

Grabby Mickey

I doubt when Disney designed this shirt that they purposely made Mickey look like his head was up her butt, but here we are today.

Heel heels

I guess this is supposed to be ironic or whatever, but it’s just ugly and impractical. What’s next?

Vagina scarf

I’m not going to dance around it as this Twitter user does here. This scarf straight-up looks exactly like a vagina.

Olympic uniform

They all look embarrassed. Probably because they all peed themselves in exactly the same area.


They are supposed to be people with their arms up, but they look like small breasts with big nipples. Anyway, share this with someone who needs a laugh!