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Look, I am no fashion expert. I buy my clothes at one of the few convenient stores within driving distance of my apartment. I like to be comfortable and look presentable. I'm not up on the latest hip trends or what have you. But I will venture to say that I can tell when fashion is bad. When it has failed miserably. Honestly, you do not need a degree in fashion design to know that the pictures you are about to see are truly hot messes.

Whether it is poorly placed words or graphics, confusing design placement, or just straight-up ugliness, these fashion choices are sure to blow your mind. And not in a good way. You would think with clothes that are mass-produced, like most of the designs in this gallery, a team of people has thought about it, played with the design, figured out what worked and what didn't. Clearly, that didn't happen with these.

These photos are cringe-worthy.

They're terrifying. They're ugly on a level that you might not even realize was possible.

Animal Cruelty Club

This is why you don't put graphics too far up on a hoodie! You have to wear your hood up if you don't want people to think you club baby seals for fun.

Bunny ears

That's an odd placement for those — dare I say it — mighty saggy bunny ears.

Message unclear, please repeat.

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What... what are we saying here? Do you cat ats? I don't know what I'm supposed to take away from this. I'm gonna lie down.

The ad guy's pitch: "What if we made our new product instantly disgusting?"

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These socks have a design that makes it look dirty. - Connraad

Lookin' more like a hippo to me.

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My friend's panda socks. - TheLiarSP

You want the hearts on your socks to look cute, not painful.

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Heart Socks that make you look like you bleed from ankles. - Fusteur

You want to head into the movie theater a little queasy, right?

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My favorite socks - POOP! - LauraMacb

Even a broken shoe is right twice a day.

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This shoe is supposed to be a clock. - Vlamingo200

The shoe designer just had all these extra metal rings lying around...

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There is a metal ring inside the shoe. Love my new blisters c: - Merilyn2003

Cool, a useless task to do every night!

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I didn't notice my shoes had tiny holes in the bottom until I heard scraping. Very convenient for tiny stones. Some are so lodged in them, I have to get a knife or a pen to get them out. - Aletzelente

Where's the rest of them?

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Tell me one thing — one thing — these "shorts" are supposed to cover. Unless this is a new take on a belt, I'm gonna have to pass.

"Joiiiiin us."

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Saw this in Venice last summer... What did the fashion industry become? - female_rock

It does kinda of sound like Batman and Robin's couple name.

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Wanna buy a pair of “RATMAN" shoes? - Legopanacek

They get worse the longer you look at them.

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Pants that give you a bulge from the front and a loose private area from the back. Oh, and did I mention they are see-through? - SuqueMyCoque

Fake it until you make it!

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This is cool, because sometimes it's too cold out to leave the house in your boxers with your actual willy all hangin' out.

Gonna tell my kids this is what we used before GPS.

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I bought this shirt before my cross-country road trip thinking it would save me the money I would've normally spent on a map, and I am still lost in the desert.

So angry looking at this.

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See, now the pockets are just taunting us.

Lot of info coming in here.

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My best guess is that this shirt is suggesting you should "leave loves"? Is this shirt telling me to believe I'll find love again and finally end this go-nowhere relationship? Hey, thanks shirt!

I too have known a love that is as great as Canada.

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Blue font on a blue shirt. - GeneralShawn

Just a bad idea all around.

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My tennis shirt looks like it is drenched in sweat even when it's clean. - The99Theorists

Impressive... Not a lot of shirts can actually hurt you.

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Reflective stripe on a high-visibility shirt that heats up in direct sunlight. - Le_Rat_Mort

I knew I forgot to check something today...

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Did you remember to check your shirt today? If you haven't yet, do it now.

The Bornt Supremacy.

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I suppose the word they're trying to convey is "love," but I can't help but focus on "bornt." What is a "bornt"? Is that what they call the people who fail out of the super-spy academy that Jason Bourne went to?

This shirt is not a huge fan of the 2020 seniors...

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Can we just all agree to stop putting letters from one word on a different line? It's never cool and never not hard-to-read.

"Avenguhhs, assembuhle!"

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Personally, I'd love to wear this shirt featuring the moment Captain America slowly begins to comprehend math.

It's full of stars...

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Do people like endless blasts of energy coming out of their legs? Is that the new trend? Cool, on it.

Yo, Will Ferrel can get it.

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Elf socks I got my dad for Christmas, when wearing pants just shows Will Ferrell crotch. - Laundry-Champagne

This is good advice for when you're applying for jobs that require 3-5 years experience.

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My brothers shirt says "Lie that you can." - Amir_belinsky

I like the way this shirt thinks.

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"Never do your best, quit"? Well, if you say so...

Could come in handy if you fall off a cliff.

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These drawstrings are almost as long as the pant legs. - JonutWebbio

Hey is for horses and, also, crotches.

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Those pants are a must-have if you want horse hair right on your crotch. - yourdogwackaf

Now these are good for biking.

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Look at these pants with TOTALLY matching legs. - troop129

Girl power

I mean, yeah, I would have more girl power too if I had five fingers on one hand and six on the other.

I will give up

I mean, at least whoever wears this shirt is being extra honest with themselves. The next one is truly baffling...


Ah yes, New York City, the Big Apple, the famous home of...those red phone booths that are all over London.

Don't touch this

Clearly, the dude (yes, dude) who designed this dress didn't think about anyone walking behind the woman who wears it.

Bruise leggings

When I first saw this picture, my initial thought was, "Where's the clothing? Also, ouch!"


Note to everybody: If you wear this shirt, maybe make sure it's warm enough outside not to wear a sweatshirt.

Chlorine, the breakfast of champions

Well, this t-shirt sounds like it's promoting people poisoning themselves for breakfast. Cool. I can't even with the next one...

Back of the donut

I doubt that whoever designed this donut costume meant for the back to look as dirty as it does, but here we are.

High fashion

You cannot tell me that people watched this guy walk down the runway and were like, "Ah yes, very fashion. Highbrow. Intriguing."

Never the unknown

Let's just all agree to stop crossing out words on clothing. We don't ever seem to get it right. Ever.


Maybe the designers meant for this to happen. If you purchase a shirt that says "Saturday" on it, you pretty much are a giant turd, so...

Zipper to nothing

Whut. This is so annoying. If there's a zipper on my clothing, it better lead to a pocket or something. We're just heating up, folks.

Keep it local

Hmm. If only there was a letter in the word "LOCAL" that actually looked like the shape of the state of Lousiana. Oh wait, there are two.

Pee pants

Sorry, the second you put these on, it's going to look like you peed your pants. I don't make the rules! I just laugh at them.

Tiny legs

These jeans make it look like you have stick legs. And while it's hilarious, it's really disconcerting to see in real life.

A bunch of malarkey

This is too terrible to even pay attention to long enough to read. I can't believe it, but they get worse from here.

Baby thong

I know it's supposed to be a cute cat or a fox or whatever, but it looks like that baby's wearing a thong. Sorry.

Brown logo

Shoes get dirty. But that not dirt. That's an unfortunate logo. I really have no words for this one.

Black text

Putting black text on a mostly black shirt will leave you with a silver anchor full of random half words that make no sense together. I think Abraham Lincoln said that.

No-iron shirt

I mean, you don't have to iron it. I guess it technically doesn't promise that it won't wrinkle.


Not sure the people who designed this shirt know what introverts are. What it should say is, "I'm an introvert. Leave me alone!" The next one is incredible.

Did hurt my your back knife?

Nothing about this shirt makes it something that a real person would wear. It's just bad from top to bottom.

Platform Crocs

All the comfort of Crocs without any of the comfort and an increased risk of spraining your ankle. How could you resist?

Butt pants

I'm sorry. I really am, but you just don't put a flesh-colored patch on the back of a pair of pants. You just don't.


I suppose they're trying to highlight the "DO IT" portion of the words, but it's not really working that way, is it?

Pop goes the shoe

I've always wanted a pair of shoes that suction-cup me to the floor. Not.

Even the athletes are embarrassed about these uniforms!

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Without further ado, here are even more fashion disasters you won't be able to look away from...