Fashion is cyclical, and right now it seems to be rotating on a 50-year cycle. The trends of the 1970s can be traced back to what was en vogue in 1920. If you extrapolate this formula, you'll discover that the fashion inspiration we draw upon today comes from clothing choices made thousands of years ago... literally in caves.

Here are 30 fashion trends from the '70s that are totally back in style in 2020! Dig through your local vintage store and pop some of these items into your rotation.

DIY Tie-Dye shirts that express your love of a bright color palate.

Your sunburst tie-dye shirt announces your arrival as a reincarnated '70s flower child. Wear it with pride!

Birkenstocks for those who like to feel the leaves actually crunch between their toes.

Birks got big in the '70s, and are arguably even bigger now. If you have big feet, they're even more fun. Match them to your toes for a '70s bonus!

Ponchos for the Patagonia-bound...

You may have a name, but you can always be the poncho-wearing guy sitting on the corner with his guitar if you want to. Stop by your local college town souvenir shop and score 3-$10!

Floral-print pussy bow blouse...because why not???

For a statement-making outfit, look no further than the picturesque pussybow. You'll look just like a present for whoever is in your company!

Not watching your height? Throw on a pair of throwback platform shoes.

The bigger the lift, the closer you are to the stars. If you're into Astrology, that might be plus.

Jumpsuits brought to you by the Jenners...

Jumpin' jack jumpsuit! These '70s staples are roaring back from fad to mainstay. Get yours before this outfit mutates back into a shirt and pair of pants.

Tube tops...because the sun is for your shoulders!

Tube tops are among the most classic '70s looks that can bring a carefree buoyancy to any outfit. Just make sure you have a friend to hit your back with the SPF!

Wrap yourself up in the nostalgia of the '70s with a wrap dress.

Wrap dresses were invented in the '70s, and as hard as time tries to unfurl them, they're still hanging tight!

Some would rather die than be caught in real fur. Some, on the other hand, would rather die than be caught in fake fur. The debate rages on. One things is for certain - furry is fashionable.

Beachy, lightweight floral dresses you can shake the sand out of.

Bonus points if it's see-through so you can show off your vintage bathing suit underneath!

Maxi dress it up for maximum blast-from-the-past style

Floor-length dresses and skirts proved remarkably fashionable for the dance floors of former discos, and now they're back for our everyday amusement!

Leather vest. It's not just for the band anymore.

'70s trends involve a lot of imitation. Rogue biker dude? Check. Traveling rock musician? Check.

Key word: corduroy.

Corduroy is the gold-standard of hip. Fads may rise and fall, but the strength of the almighty corduroy always looks good in the mirror.

Floral top tied together at the hem...linking the past to the present, once again.

Accentuate your mellow vibes with a tied-together look that proves once and for all that the size of the shirt doesn't matter, it how you wear it.

Denim-on-denim is a surefire way to scream "I LIKE BLUE!"

Denim shirt, overalls, jacket, jeans...we get it. You like denim. More importantly...so do we.

Patchwork jeans are a terrific way to patch together your groovy '70s influences

Who said ripped jeans can't be whole again? Patchwork patterns allow you to salvage your most-trusted denim jeans and add your own flair to them!

Flare jeans allow for more fun at your feet!

Flares and bellbottoms are the first bell-weather that a '70s revival is near. Rumor has it flares were designed to move small animals across the border.

Ascot/Scarf combo keeps things groovy in a tumultuous world...

Tying shawls and scarves around your neck has been hot long before Dr. Birx brought them out in the Task Force Briefings.

Turquoise jewelry for your dashes to the desert.

No trip to Joshua Tree is complete without a large turquoise stud that blocks your peripheral vision on the freeway.

Concert-tee of the show you never went to.

These pre-distressed venue/concert tees are a great way to remind the world that you weren't born when Led Zeppelin embarked on their North American tour.

Tartan today, and every day.

Tartan prints had their heyday in the '70s, but are quickly making a comeback thanks to improvements in the efficacy of anti-seizure medication.

Colorful hand-knit sweaters that announce your thread prowess.

Knitting together a chunky sweater is almost as fun as wearing it. The bigger the better!

As many mood-rings as you have moods...

The 1970s liked to emphasize a wide color spectrum, which you may choose to replicate on your fingers. Some say they change color depending on how much blood is circulating.

Palazzo pants for the whole family!

Who says Palazzo pants are just for kids? Chances are your family has pairs in storage that date back generations.

Farrah Fawcett's trailblazing head of hair will never fall off.

If your hairdresser has the skills and patience to pull this off, remember to tag them in all future posts in perpetuity.

Fleetwood fantasies from the farm

You know you want to don this getup and sashay through the meadow until a butterfly lands on your nose.

This look.

You know it. You've seen it everywhere. Don't act like...you haven't seen this look make a comeback.

Big hoop earrings to fit in all that history.

Back in the 70s, you could play basketball with the hoops hanging from society's ears.

BIG sunglasses...because the sun was brighter in the 1970s.

Maybe because there was a hole in the ozone layer? Either way, tomorrow is always looking brighter!