Following the release of the 9th installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, director Justin Lin has spoken about the possibility of Paul Walker's character, Brian, returning.

As exciting as that sounds, it perhaps poses more questions than it does answers.

Walker, of course, was in equal measures as important to the film series as Vin Diesel is; up until tragically, at the age of forty, he died in a horrific car accident.

The films that have since followed in the F&F franchise have always carried some sort of tribute to the original star in an effort to keep his legacy alive. Now though, as the series edges closer to its tenth film, there are apparently conversations about bringing Brian back.

"Obviously, Paul and his character Brian are the soul and heart of how we're able to move forward," Director Justin Lin told CinePop.

"Bringing him back is something I think about every day."


The first question on fans' lips would, quite understandably, be "how?". However, this is modern cinema and a plethora of options would be available for filmmakers to make the magic happen.

CGI for example, is the most obvious option, especially now that the technology has moved past the comprehension of the regular mind. There are also incredible make-up artists out there; stuntmen who can perform physical scenes with other actors; clever editing tricks and so much more; but I am no Hollywood big hitter, and so I can't confirm these would be the sure-fire ways to get the job done.

Lin goes on to admit that the idea to bring the character of Brian back to Fast and Furious is still up in the air, and hasn't come with any easy decisions.

"As we approach the end of the franchise, it's a conversation I'm having," he continued to CinePop. "And I think about this possibility every day. But I know the decision to keep the character alive in the franchise was made while I was gone. So I have to be respectful about it. I need to feel good and confident in what happens."

Vin Diesel echoed that sentiment recently when promoting the latest movie, stating that every installment honors his friend Paul Walker.

"I never think I'm continuing the franchise in his absence. I always feel like I'm continuing the franchise in his honor," Diesel told TODAY.

Fast and Furious 9 was released in America on June 25th, and broke pandemic box office records in the U.S and Canada, according to the BBC.

The next film, the tenth in the main series, is slated to be the final hoorah from the Fast crew. Would you like to see Paul Walker's character return in it?