A father in Lousiana was murdered on Sunday morning after he confronted a teenage boy who broke into his house trying to see his underage daughter.

Thirty-four-year-old Dezmon Hamilton was shot by seventeen-year-old Nicholas Mcquirter at around 8 A.M. He entered a second-story window of Hamilton's home to try and visit his fourteen-year-old daughter, both firing shots at each other with Hamilton later being declared dead on the scene, while Mcquirter was injured and taken to the hospital.

Police Chief David McDavid originally believed the incident was a break-in until it was revealed that the teen was going to the home to see Hamilton's underage daughter.


Both men were armed, but according to the police, it is still unclear who fired the first shot.

The seventeen-year-old teen is now facing charges of 2nd-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and illegal possession of a stolen firearm.

"One of the clients of our design business, Dezmon Hamilton, was murdered Sunday morning. We designed the layout of a snowball stand and car wash he was building in Zachary," Carl Gibson, one of his colleagues tweeted about the murder.

"We spoke often, and I had met with him several times for the meetings downtown."

People quickly took to Facebook to express their dismay.

"If only we obeyed our parents when they tell us something/someone is not for us. They know better and sometimes like in this case, our stubbornness winds up dragging our parents to fatality. What a way to learn a lesson," one person said.

"WOW, what a lesson, especially for young people not wanting to live by, and respect the rules that their parents make," another person wrote.

The comments didn't stop there...

People were quick to point out that this was a very hard lesson for Hamilton's daughter to learn, and for any other person who's ignoring the advice of a parent, to think again:

"Hope it was worth it for that fourteen-year-old. (Assuming she invited him in the first place) Regardless, she's gotta live with it for the rest of her life. Her relationship with her family will never be the same even if they do keep talking. That will be rooted. I'm not blaming her, actions have consequences. A hard and painful lesson was learned. I hope someone young in these comments here can take something from it. Who you bring around your family can be the end of them."

Rest in Peace Dezmon Hamilton. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.