Father’s Petition for Period Pains To Be Listed as Legitimate Reason for School Absences Gains 61k Signatures

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A father’s petition to get period pains to be listed as a legitimate reason to miss school has gained some well-needed traction online…

Marcus Alleyne from the United Kingdom has been petitioning for change throughout secondary schools all over the country.

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The father of 2 young daughters, one of whom is currently in high school, has said that the education system fails to adequately recognize “dysmenorrhea”, AKA period pains, as a legitimate reason to miss school.

Alleyne was forced to take action after realizing that the condition greatly affects “the physical, mental and social wellbeing of not only my daughters but all people who have periods across the country.”

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He also emphasized that the reason why he uses the correct medical terminology for the painful cramps is because they are a “globally recognized medical condition.”
But it’s precisely that reason as to why he’s saddened that people aren’t more focused on the issue. Instead, they expect girls and women all over the world to just go about their daily lives and just endure the pain because they have had no choice but to in the past.

However, Alleyne is hoping his efforts will help to change “unauthorized absences” for dysmenorrhea to authorized ones.

“By not allowing absences due to Dysmenorrhoea, which you are doing by considering them unauthorized, shows very clear disparities, and registering absences as unauthorized due to a medical condition only affecting women and people who menstruate is a clear demonstration,” he wrote.
“This leads me to the concerns I have surrounding ignorance of the condition, the impact of a CIS male-dominated field within the senior leadership teams in schools, or the sheer disregard for the physical, emotional, and academic wellbeing of our pupils.”

He stressed that this change needs to be implemented to fully eradicate the “archaic views” held by the department of education as it poses “a direct risk to our young women, trans, non-binary pupils.”

  via Change.org  

Thankfully though, a lot of people have been supporting Alleyne with his fight as his petition has already received over 61,000 signatures.

And not only that but the conversation around the topic has been re-ignited online, with many women expressing how this would be a positive shift for society and its overall view on periods.

“I wish I could sign this petition a million times!!! Not only are ALL the points VALID AND IMPORTANT, but I’m am so, so proud that this has been brought to the table for addressing by a man! Showing other men that THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE WORLD IF THEY TOO STAND UP AGAINST INEQUALITY AND SEXISM. It’s not just a women’s issue it’s a human rights issue, don’t leave us to fight the discrimination alone. Well done to this father, standing up for your girls and ALL girls and menstruating people. Amazing,” wrote Teya Costley-White.

“It’s not our fault we have periods!! We can’t help the symptoms and what a fantastic father for standing up to the small-minded SLT at school” added Tammy Jump.
We hope to see change.