The day you become a parent for the first time is a rollercoaster of emotions. You're excited, nervous, unsure what to expect, and, if you're the one actually giving birth, ready to kill your partner for putting you in this position in the first place. The following people reveal the horrifying moments when fathers found out they were not the Dad in the delivery room.

Some birth partners are more helpful in the delivery room than others. For example, one man was nearly murdered by his wife after repeatedly complaining about a toothache during her labor. Awwwww, poor widdle baby! Try yanking that tooth out without any novocaine over and over again for 24 hours straight and then you can complain.

From doctors to nurses to social workers, these people had a front-row seat to some of the most awkward births in history. Does anybody happen to know Maury's cell number? I have a feeling these guys are gonna need it.

"We had a very sweet blond-haired, blue-eyed Mom and Dad along with their entire extended family in the room for a delivery one busy afternoon at work (think Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandma, and Grandpa too)."

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"The baby is born and as the doctor places her on the Mom’s chest the first words out of her mouth are, 'That’s not my baby! That’s not my baby!'

The baby in question, still attached at the umbilical cord, has beautiful dark curly black hair, and dark skin. The nurse looks at her and tells her that this is definitely her baby because 'she’s still attached to you' and she, not so quietly, tells the nurse, 'There’s no way! I never slept with a black man! It’s not mine!'

The 'father' is standing there silent, not sure what to do. A long awkward silence fills the room.

We clean her and baby up as cheerfully as we can. We see the extended family filter out of the room and the 'father' leaves to get a cigarette. About ten minutes later a tall black guy walks up to our front desk asking how to get to the patient in question’s room."-chasesurf

"Paramedic here. Our crew delivered a full birth in the back of our rig."

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"We have two paramedics in the back with the patient, a driver, and I’m working on the laptop listening to info they are telling me to add to the report. All of a sudden, it goes kind of quiet, and I hear the mother let out a very loud: 'Oh shit, it’s not white!'

She was very white.

I turn from the front passenger seat to see a very dark-skinned baby. I can’t see the mother's face, but all I see is her shaking her head. She begins to worry, saying, 'My husband is meeting us there at the hospital! He can’t see this!' I just continue the report and am not sure what the problem is.

Flash forward to the ER. We stop outside the ambulance bay, I get out to open the doors, and am met by another very white heavyset guy in a uniform shirt, dress pants, and glasses. He asked me if his wife was in there.

Hospital policy dictates that we can’t have random people that we can’t confirm the identity of that close to the rig when opening doors for safety. Security comes and holds him back a bit. We open the doors, then roll the patient and her newborn out. He takes one look and sees the color of the baby. 


Wife: 'BABE, I can explain every bit of this! I know it looks weird, but I can!'

We wheel her into the ER. No sign of her husband. Last I knew, the husband didn’t check into the hospital as a visitor. I’m assuming he went home to pack his stuff."-GoldenGayBoi

"Anesthesiologist here. C-sections are typically done under spinal anesthesia, and we're the ones at the head of the table keeping the mother calm and talking her through the procedure while the surgeons operate."

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"I've seen it more than once, but I remember one in particular when the parents were both very Caucasian, and the baby was very much not...the actual father obviously had to be very dark-skinned. At delivery, when the not-Father saw the baby he just looked down at his wife (who was starting to cry) and calmly said, 'You fucking whore' and walked out.

She started screaming for him to come back, but there wasn't much she could do since she was, you know, still being operated on. She lost it to the point I eventually had to sedate her just a bit because she was in danger of injuring herself.

As far as I know, her husband never came back to the hospital, I don't know what happened after that."-321zzz

"A newborn had chlamydia. She got it from the Mom, obviously."

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"So the Mom admits she was cheating on the Dad because there’s no other way to explain that one. Except, the Dad was cheating too, with the other guy’s girlfriend, and all 4 of them had chlamydia, with no idea who had it first. They also had no idea who the actual dad was."-Bewarethekaiju

"I had a female patient come in with abdominal pain."

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"The pregnancy test was positive. She was with her husband who, evidently, had a vasectomy about a year prior.

I slowly backed out of the room after that one..."-onethirtyseven_

"Mother-to-be warned me, 'This could go one of two ways' prior to delivery."

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"I wasn’t sure what she meant. She was white, as was her husband. The delivered baby was black. Then it all made sense."-juxtaposed44

"A woman and her husband came in. They were both white, and she delivered a child that was black."

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"The husband immediately starts saying 'WTF', while she is going on and on about dormant traits and everything.

He orders a DNA test. While this is going on her mother and stepdad show up. The stepdad is black.

The DNA test ends up showing that the baby is the stepdad's. Her husband instantly dropped her and cut ties."-DanTheMormonian

"We had a patient who came into the ER for a UTI with her boyfriend of 4 months. She was 19 and acting extremely dramatic for just having a UTI."

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"We tell her we need urine. She urges us to catheter her which is really unusual but she says she can’t pee.  Another nurse and I assume the position to put in a catheter with her lying on the gurney. At this point nurse screams, 'Call L&D!! She’s crowning!!'

A labor and delivery nurse gets in just in time to grab the child as it shoots out into her hands and is a living breathing baby.

The girl swears she had no idea she was pregnant. They wheel her off to postpartum and the guy is just kind of left standing there, dumbstruck.

'We have only been dating for 4 months. I had no idea she was pregnant. She never mentioned it at all.' He just buried his head in his knees while he was sitting on the floor against the hallway wall.

I felt so bad for the guy."-TorrenceMightingale

"My brother had a surprise baby this way... he and a coworker had a one night stand while she was broken up with her ex."

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"She gets back with her ex and ends up pregnant. Flash-forward to the delivery day: My brother sends me a picture of a random baby out of the blue and says, 'I think I am a dad'.

She is white, her boyfriend is black and my brother is white. The baby came out looking very, very white.

I don't know how it went down in the hospital room, but I know they separated very soon after. My brother went to visit her in the hospital and asked her if she would let him take a paternity test. She agreed and it came back positive a week later.

And that's how I got my surprise nephew."-TOMORROWS-FORECAST

"It was super awkward for everyone involved. "

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"The husband was only in the room for a bit then left and I didn’t see him again. The FOB (father of baby) showed up after the baby was born.

I’ve also had where they didn’t know whose baby it was so both guys were present to see whose they thought it was."-Kristenmckenzie11

"I had two women give birth a few days apart on my floor."

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"Turns out they actually had the same baby daddy. The father of the two newborns got both patients pregnant around the same time. It was an interesting day for the social worker!"-LaBestiadeGavaudan

"Someone in my extended family had a baby (two middle Eastern parents) that turned out to be dark-skinned."

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"The father of the baby filed for divorce, even though the mother kept saying the baby was his. A few years later, they found out that the mother's great grandmother was African and that the baby obtained strong genes from her.

They didn't get back together, because too much had gone down at that point, but the mother was right all along."-AdapterGlass478

"Birth of the couple's third child. The couple was white, the baby was obviously of Pacific Islander descent."

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"Everyone went very quiet. The nurse telling me the story said she took a moment of silence as she realized what had happened, then she tried to act normally, but waiting for the outburst. She said the tension was unreal.

The guy stared for a minute at a child that was very obviously not his. The mum was already in tears and talking very fast.

The guy stood up, looked around for a minute, then left the room. Never said a word. He wasn't seen again at the hospital, and the mum spent the rest of the day on her phone. The nurse doesn't think she ever found him.

Allegedly, the father cut all ties immediately, speaking regarding the care of his two actual kids only through his lawyer."-Mahhrat

"The mother takes the doctor aside and makes him promise to let her know the color of the baby the instant he knows."

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"The baby is born and the doctor announces to Mom, 'Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy WHITE baby!' The father just walked right out the room and they never found anything more out about it."-DarrenEdwards

"My aunt, who is white, is married to a black man."

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"When their son was born, he was white with blonde hair. The Dad was screaming and throwing a fit in the hospital. The doctor came in and turns out, their son is albino."-full_of_frustration

"Apparently this happened to NBA legend Steve Nash."

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"He filed for divorce one day after his third child was born. The child was allegedly much darker than expected given the parents being Paraguayan and White. Rumor has it the father was his teammate at the time, Jason Richardson, who coincidentally happened to get traded away to another team not too long after."-Royal-McPoyle

"My ex-boyfriend’s story: him(white dude) and his girlfriend(also white) were together for almost three years, and eventually she got pregnant."

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"Eventually, she goes into labor while at home. He ends up having to deliver the baby on their bed. The baby came out black. He said he immediately knew it wasn’t his child but didn’t want to ruin the moment for her and so he just handed the baby to her and didn’t mention it until a few days later." -fokatrmp

"Hospital social worker here."

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"I met with a family because their baby was in the NICU for inhaling his meconium during birth and we meet with all NICU families for support. The father asked me, in front of their five other children who were old enough to understand the question, how to get a paternity test. Awkward."-sodoyoulikecheese

"Midwife from Australia here."

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"The craziest delivery I attended was a G17P15 (pregnant 17 times, 15 live children as a result of those pregnancies) and 3 different 'Dads' turned up over the short course of her labor with baby #15. They proceeded to have a fistfight about who was the 'real' father and I had to call security to escort them out. Then followed with a call to child services."-kmelisha

"Both the Mom and her husband are white, but when she gave birth to their baby it came out black."

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"Of course, her husband accused her of cheating on him, but she swore she didn't and asked for a DNA test.

Surprisingly, the DNA test reveals that he is, in fact, the father of the baby. So what the hell happened with biology?

Turns out, the husband's mother had cheated on her husband with a black man and was 'lucky' enough that her baby had come out white and looking exactly like her.

His mother actually got lucky twice, because her husband had died a few years prior and will probably never know about this.

We all love a happy ending."-[deleted]

"My wife is a nurse, and one day she had a woman come in complaining of abdominal pains,"

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"They quickly find out she is pregnant and in labor. Her wife arrives shortly after with a lot of questions."-ITW1824

"I work in an ER. A lady came in with low abdominal pain. Her last menstrual period was reportedly three weeks prior."

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"I ordered lab testing including a pregnancy test to try to find the cause. Thirty minutes later, the pregnancy test turns up positive. I go in to ask her if she was sure about her last period because her pregnancy test was positive. The husband stands up and kicks a hole in the wall, then starts yelling and swearing then tries to walk out of the room. She begins bawling, jumps of the bed and blocks the doorway screaming 'Nooooooo! Please forgive me. I'm soooooo sorry.' Turns out he had a vasectomy. Plot twist: The lab calls 10 minutes later and asks for a repeat urine sample because they mixed up the reports on several samples. She wasn't pregnant."-PickleboatParsons

"My mother is an OB nurse, so she got to help deliver my brother's girlfriend's baby."

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We're all white, but the baby came out black. My brother was so heartbroken and desperately didn't want to believe the baby wasn't his and raised the baby for at least 6 months before his girlfriend kicked him out to try and be together with the kid's real dad. This was just a little over a year ago, but I don't think my brother has been the same since." -FoxesOnMars

"This is my granddad's story (he was a gyno), but it's amazing."

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"It must have been in the 70s when a married white couple came into the hospital with the woman in labor. The baby is born, and my granddad is called to cut the cord, but...the baby is all grey! The nurse is in terror, and holds the baby upside down and smacks it on the bottom (as was custom to clear the airway) and is almost in tears.

'Doctor, the baby is only getting darker and darker, I don't think it's getting enough oxygen!' My granddad, having worked in the field for a long time at that point, just started smiling, took the baby and said, 'I think a good bath will do just fine' and proceeded to wash all the blood and fluids from birth off of the baby, revealing a healthy and half-black child.

He used to tell that story all the time when I was a kid. He said the husband just stormed out and it was a huge scandal in their village. Since it was Germany in the '70s in a rural area, there weren't that many candidates for the father either."-comet4taily

"Around 50 years ago my Grandad's brother and his wife (both white) went to live in South Africa as he got a job there."

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"They stayed for around 5 years and when they came back they had a baby that no one in the family had been informed about.

The baby was quite clearly African. The story goes my Grandad's brother took my Grandad to one side and said 'This is my kid and I won't talk about it ever again past today.'

To his credit, he brought the baby up as his own and gave him a great life. He now has a successful career in London."-Bob_Rochdale

"My twin boys were born, and the second day in the hospital, a male nurse pulls me aside on my way to the cafeteria and confides in me that I should probably get a paternity test since the boy's blood types/features/ other factors are so different to me..."

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"I immediately grabbed him by the arm, marched him into our hospital room and confronted my wife: 'This man says these boys aren't mine, you dirty, cheating whore!'

My wife stared at me for a few seconds then burst out laughing.

We had used a sperm donor since I am genetically sterile. 

I just wanted to see the look on the guys face ."-graffd02

"My biology teacher went to high school with a woman who had sex with her white boyfriend and then went and had sex with a black guy later that same day."

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"She ended up with twins, each guy fathering one girl. One was white-skinned and one was dark-skinned. I think she came clean about it right away so it wasn’t a huge shock later."-rozery

"Sonographer here. I perform antenatal scans, and inform happy couples of due dates and current weeks."

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"'But that’s not possible', says the father. I explain dates calculation as compared to rough dates of conception. 'But I was away in XXX for XXX weeks. IT ISN’T MINE.' Bad atmosphere. Or the partner walks out. On one occasion an Asian guy stood up, said 'I divorce thee' three times and walked out. You develop a sense for the ones where paternity is in doubt even before you start the scans."-Tufty1970

"I’m a nursery/postpartum nurse and our management basically forces us to give handoff reports to the oncoming shift in the patients' room."

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"There have been a couple of times where I’ve said what the baby's blood type is only to have been met with two very confused and angry parents. They’re sitting there wondering how their baby is A+ when both parents are supposedly O+. It’s always very awkward. I’ve also been in many deliveries where as soon as the baby comes out you can tell the dad is already questioning if it’s his. So far I’ve only seen one couple ask for a divorce before leaving the hospital!"-LilZ5

"I’m an OBGYN. When I was a resident, we induced a woman who stated she was 41 weeks (1 week past her due date). Her labor went surprisingly quickly and when I delivered her baby I knew immediately something was wrong."

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"The baby was extremely tiny, clearly not a full-term infant. We called the NICU team right away and after the delivery went digging deeper into her chart.

This woman had had her prenatal care elsewhere and had claimed that her due date was always the one we had listed. It’s standard practice to confirm dating with an early ultrasound if possible, and she had had an ultrasound but her prenatal provider must not have looked at it closely. When we finally found the original ultrasound report, it listed her as having a due date 10 weeks later than we thought...so we had just induced her at 31 weeks (6 weeks premature).

We went in to confront her and her partner is sitting there, processing this information. Turns out, he was 'away' (Philly-speak for 'in prison') when the baby must have been conceived. He threw a bottle of soda across the room and had to be escorted out while we explained how the woman had put the baby in danger by getting us to deliver it early.

I think the baby did well, but it definitely had to spend several weeks in the NICU. We always confirmed dating ultrasounds or did a growth scan if there wasn’t one in the chart for future patients."-spelled_latte