Florida Firefighters Make History As Department’s First All-Female Crew

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In spite of many believing that the 2 genders have achieved equality, once in a while, a story comes along that proves how far we have still to go in terms of feminism. Because, while we can now vote, own property, and even take contraception (gee, thanks guys!), there are some areas that truly highlights how different the female and male experience still is. And one place wherein women are consistently treated more poorly than their male counterparts? The workplace.

But a group of Florida firefighters have made history, in a typically male-dominated role, as their department’s first all-female crew. Check them out…

Being a woman is not easy.

It seems like many of us out there are constantly under pressure to “have it all.” We’re required to be perfect partners, mothers, and employees, all at the same time – it’s no wonder we’re all so tired.

Women seem to be almost constantly underestimated by society as some sort of weaker, more delicate type of human.

We’re also expected to look flawless and perfect while doing it. But, like, not try too hard, either. Got it?

There seems to be some sort of fragility when it comes to a woman doing a job that would have stereotypically done by a man.

And yes, they are qualified.

Men often love to throw out the tokenism card in these particular instances.

“They just gave you the job because you’re a woman.”

Said the man that underestimated his female counterpart. If that’s hitting too close to home, then I hate to break it to you…

When there’s an unbalanced team, things can get a little bit weird. And, depressingly enough, this can sometimes lead to one particular reaction from the men. They seem powerless to resist getting their flirt on – in spite of the totally inappropriate setting.

Absolutely (and totally unnecessarily) angry, of course.

In Florida, a group of women have made history after they became the department’s all-female crew.

Due to a shift pattern, the team of women was formed, and just by a stroke of luck, it happened to be that women were assigned.

In the fifty-seven years that the department has been operating, this has never happened before, so of course, it had to be celebrated.

And the scales hardly ever tip the other way and especially not to form an entire team of women. Palm Beach Gardens Fire and Rescue explained that “nationally, female firefighters represent 4% of professional firefighters, whereas women make up 11% of our department’s firefighters. We are especially proud that 58% of our female firefighters hold the rank of Lieutenant or higher.”

The crew is all aged between twenty-nine and fifty-three.

And are made up of: Rescue Lieutenant Krystyna Krakowski, Fire Medic Kelsey Krzywada, Fire Medic Julie Dudley, Lieutenant Monica Marzullo and Driver Engineer Sandi Ladewski. Now that’s one elite team.

In a statement posted to Facebook, someone in the group wrote: “Sometimes things come together in odd ways… as a father of daughters, I find these incidents of coincidence interesting.”

“On the same day that one of America’s most notorious women’s rights advocates passed away, our Fire Rescue Agency has its first day with an all female crew in a historically male dominated career. And we are all working to help those in need, and make our community a better place.”

‘”To make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that’s what I think a meaningful life is. One lives not just for oneself but for one’s community.” -RBG.'”

“I am completely humbled. I think we all are. It’s empowering. We’re all about woman empowerment. It’s exciting. It’s sad that that’s not the norm but it’s becoming the norm.” We hope so too! Keep scrolling for more news about women making history…