Heartbreaking news seems to follow heartbreaking news at the moment. But one story of a family saying goodbye to a loved one through his fourth-story window has truly broken the internet's heart.

Our hospitals are busier than ever before.

On top of the usual influx of patients, healthcare workers are now dealing with an incredibly serious medical pandemic, and are working around the clock to save as many lives as possible.

Many people across the world are being urged to stay indoors.

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In a last-ditch effort to slow down the spread of the deadly virus, countries and major cities all over the world have gone into full lockdown.

The virus has been spreading at an alarming rate...

Over a million people have now been infected with the virus and a further 70,320 people have tragically died.

Self-isolation has now been deemed as the most effective way of combating the virus.

While medical researchers work tirelessly to find a vaccine, regular people have been urged to avoid any form of social interaction and contact as best they can.

But it is spread notoriously easily...

Person-to-person contact is thought to be the main method of transmission for the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Through sneezing and coughing, primarily.

So remaining isolated is the safest option for many...

And millions are now quarantining themselves at home for months at a time.

But it has been to little avail...

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Because it seems that not everyone is seeing things in the big picture.

Despite major lockdown sanctions been implemented all over the world...

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Many people have been continuing to go about their day-to-day lives as though nothing has changed.

The scenes have been shocking.

Over the weekend, hundreds of people in the United Kingdom were seen enjoying a rare bit of sunshine in local parks, all while ignoring the social-distancing rules implemented by their government.

And the USA hasn't been faring much better.

A couple of weeks ago, avid Spring breakers were seen gathering on a beach in Miami, despite lockdown and social-distancing sanctions recently been put in place.

This type of careless and selfish attitude is endangering the lives of others.

Millions of people were horrified by the footage of the arrogant Spring breakers, and have slammed them for spreading the virus further just because Spring Break is "only once a year."

Since then, the death toll has been rapidly rising...

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And it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

As it stands, in the States a terrifying number have been infected with the virus.

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The rising death doll is absolutely horrific.

One particularly tragic story came from New York City.

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A former NYPD Sergeant has dropped dead near the intersection of East 77th Street and Park Avenue at 6am Monday morning after forcibly discharging himself from hospital.

The hospitals of the city are feeling the pinch.

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And it seems the officer had had enough.

Sgt. Yon Chang had taken himself to Lenox Hill Hospital.

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But he wasn't there for long before walking out once more.

Chang had served on the NYPD for 20 years.

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And he spent bis last 8 of them as a sergeant before retiring in 2014.

And there's been another horrific story to hit the news today.

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Netherlands resident Henry Nijhove was suffering from the virus and warned he was unlikely to see his family again. But the fire brigade came up with an innovative solution.

Granddaughter Chante called the services to beg for help.

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"I decided to be a bit naughty and contacted the fire brigade. I didn't write any fancy letters, I just called them and told them the story," she told  AT5.

"You would prefer to give someone a kiss one last time, give them a pat and stuff like that, but well it's better than nothing and I'd rather have this than video calling because here he can still see that you are physically there."

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"I have no words to express how grateful I am that this was even possible and that we were allowed to do this. It's like I said, we are a really close family, and my grandfather is really everything to us." But in spite of the dire consequences of spreading this virus, it seems some people still aren't getting it. Scroll on for one extreme measure to prevent California residents from breaking lockdown ...