Firefighters Rescues Woman Clinging To 16th Story Ledge as She Tries To Escape Blaze

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The risk that firefighters take in order to save others is incredible.

Just like the incredible story of one fireman who saved a woman that was clinging onto a 16th story building ledge.

This rescue is absolutely incredible…

Day in and day out they save and protect lives.

To the paramedics that give us the medical treatment we need.

But there is one other emergency service department that we might not need as often but still do an incredible job…

They risk their lives everyday to save others.

And though they may be firefighters by name, that isn’t their only role.  Their jobs entail a whole lot more than simply fighting fires.

They also deal with hazardous materials.

From a burning building or vehicle, you name it. The fire service will be the ones to respond.

Just like one fireman did when a woman’s apartment was ravaged by fire and she had no choice but to climb onto a ledge outside.

The fire had broken out inside of a women’s apartment.

They found the woman whose apartment was on fire clinging to her window ledge sixteen stories up.

Well, it’s a good job we aren’t firefighters then!

And they sprung into action.

All whilst other members of the crew were working inside of the apartment to extinguish the fire itself.

The Daily Mail reported that Quinn said “She was completely panicked and she was not going to let go. I was right behind her, so if she did decide to jump or let go I was holding her to the glass.”

Leaving the woman confident enough to go back through the window instead of the rope maneuver.

They added a caption writing ” ‘Firefighters got here quickly and found a woman at the window, panicked on the 16th floor. They quickly assessed the situation and decided to do something we rarely do – a roof-rope rescue – from the 17th floor. Firefighter Brian Quinn, assisted by other members, went out the window on the roof-rope that was secured on the Halligan tool by the team members.”

“This is really a heroic rescue and it really shows the talent and the bravery of the members of the FDNY. It’s something that’s rarely done, and yet they exercised their skills quickly, they assessed the situation quickly, and they did what had to be done bravely. Thanks to their bravery, thanks to their efforts, and thanks to their ingenuity in being able to tie this rope off, we have someone who was saved here on Lenox Avenue. It’s a happy day for her, and it’s a happy day for all of us,” said #FDNYCommissioner Daniel Nigro on scene at 470 Lenox Ave. in #Harlem where Firefighters saved an individual by performing a roof-rope rescue.”

“Eventually, smoke started lifting when the guys downstairs started breaking windows and it started clearing out. I was right behind her, so if she did decide to jump or let go I was holding her to the glass. I just said, ‘I’m not going to let you fall. We’re going to get you inside.’ No more than two hours ago we were practicing this exact drill. We train all the time. That’s our job.”

The woman was treated for smoke inhalation.

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