Mom Celebrates Son’s First Day at School With Amazing Keepsake T-Shirt

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A mom has celebrated her son’s first day at school with a beautiful keepsake T-shirt that will still fit him when he’s a senior in high school! And yes, you may have to steal this idea yourself.

School districts over the country are ready to get back in session and proud parents are sharing pictures on social media featuring their adorable children of all ages heading through the school doors for the first time, or back to school, celebrating another year of growth.

But we think this mom from Texas won the photo overload, sharing a now-viral snapshot of her cool T-shirt that her son Gus can wear every year of school until he graduates!

Carina Cansino took to Twitter to share photos of Gus, which you can imagine was brimming with excitement for his first ever day of school…

The tee displays his high school graduation year of 2032, featuring every year of school he’ll attend between now and then.

“Let’s begin the first year of elementary,” she wrote.

The post received 200.1k likes and a massive 39.2k retweets with people’s heartwarming reactions to the sentimental photo.

“That’s such a dope idea!!!” one person wrote. While another wrote: “It seems like yesterday he was still in ur belly.”

She explained that: “I wanted my son and me to have something special that we both could enjoy over the years—not only the crafty part but also the sentimental value it will have in the future.”

But the mom didn’t stop here…

Being super proud of her little boy, she plans to document his journey in a journal, giving it to him when he graduates.

“The journal was more inspired by me being a teen parent and my son being my only drive and rock through all of it. I’m now in a growing career and attending college, and I share all those accomplishments with Gus in the journal as it’s happening.

The catch is he won’t be able to read it until after he graduates and can take it off to college with him. Something he can read when he’s hitting rock bottom and can see how he helped his mama overcome her struggles.”

The pair are just inseparable!

“Gus loves the shirt because he gets to play with all the paint and get messy!” she notes. “But once he puts it on, he says he looks funny. It’s funny to him now, but when he grows up he’ll understand!”

Let’s just hope we get to see each year of growth because we know we can’t wait for the annual updates!