The internet can sometimes feel like a never-ending negativity hole. But then you can come across something like people posting their fitness progress pictures, and you can read all the encouraging comments, and it restores your faith in the internet.

Fitness and taking care of yourself is not only important for confidence, but it's a great source of self-care that improves your health. These 20 progress pictures will give you that extra boost of motivation if you're looking for it.

The coolest part is that progress looks different for everyone. Society may tell us that you look a certain way to be healthy and fit, but that's not the case. Everyone's health journey is different, and it's awesome what it looks like to different people.

Those arms, though...

The muscle definition is so inspiring. She could totally star in the next Mad Max movie.

This looks like two different people.

This guy lost 110 pounds total between these pictures. Talk about making a change.

Is that Chris Pratt?

This guy could totally play Chris Pratt's little brother in a movie. Do you hear that, Hollywood?! We've figured it out. You can go home.

Three years of progress can make a huge difference.

This guy is down 30 pounds and looking awesome. Anybody have some laundry to wash on those abs?

Hard work pays off.

Down 19 pounds and looking strong. Somebody get us to a gym, ASAP. The next transformation is amazing.

17 months of change.

Running a race is a huge accomplishment. This guy deserves the biggest medal.

Get it, girl.

The best part about all of these posts are the comments and the positivity. It's important to love yourself in that before pic, too.

50 pounds down and looking incredible.

These photos are 332 days apart. The difference is staggering.

100 pounds between the two pictures.

via: Imgur

If necessary for health, dropping 100 pounds can feel impossible and overwhelming, but this girl did it. What a star!

Females are strong as hell.

On the right, this girl is down 73 pounds. Look at those guns! Keep reading for more amazing transformations.

Taking care of your health makes your skin glow.

This woman went from 298 pounds to 190 pounds in 13 months. Also, that blue hair is everything.

Let's talk about abs, baby.

According to her post, this transformation is due to the gym and intermittent fasting. Before trying anything like a fast, it's always best to consult with your doctor.

Gains for days.

This man started powerlifting to recover after his spine was damaged in an accident. He's put on 70 pounds of muscle!

This woman is down half her body weight.

She went from 297 pounds to 147 pounds. The best part? How proud her smile is in that second picture.

In the words of Miley, it's "all about the climb."

And this Reddit user totally gets it. "A year and a half progress of learning to love myself," she wrote in her caption. Side-note: that cat needs their own Instagram account ASAP. The next progress picture is awe-inspiring.

Is that Thor?

In 18 months, this dude got a superhero's abs. Also, can we talk about that jawline?

It's okay to not believe in a scale.

Sometimes, the scale can be triggering. It's important to find what works for you and your health journey.

It's all about the body recomposition.

Different face, same smile. Is it too cheesy to say, "You go girl"?

Back gains for the win.

20 pounds can make a huge difference! Post-grad life can be scary, but it's definitely been good to this girl.

It feels good to set goals.

Which sure, sounds like a line from an after-school special, but it's the truth. This girl is glowing in both pictures. Share this with your friend who loves to hit the gym!