A Mexican fitness influencer has died following a botched procedure to rid herself of excessive underarm sweating.

According to Mexican newspaper Milenio, twenty-three-year-old Odalis Santos Mena traveled to the SkinPiel clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico, on July 7th.

Mena had previously been approached by the clinic to promote the special antiperspirant treatment MiraDry, which uses thermal energy to combat the effects of hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating by removing sweat glands.

The fitness influencer, who had 147,000 Instagram followers, suffered a cardiac arrest after being anesthetized. She died shortly after when medical assistants present were unable to revive her via CPR.

Investigators from the Jalisco State Public Prosecutor's Office have since launched an investigation into the tragic accident.

She had previously extolled MiraDry on her platform, with assurances that the "no sweat" treatment was safe and effective.

The treatment involves utilizing heat energy to remove sweat glands which allegedly reduces perspiration by eighty-two percent and body odor by eighty-nine percent. It currently remains the only permanent underarm sweat reduction treatment to receive FDA clearance.

Coroners have since reported that the post-mortem revealed that Mina's death was caused by a combination of anesthesia and a powerful steroid-like medication the influencer was taking at the time.

SkinPiel alleges that Mena had clenbuterol, creatine, and oxandrolone in her system, which they claim they were unaware of when they began the procedure.

"Upon delivering the signed form to the doctor, he asked [her] again about substance use, and [she] verbally reiterated that [she] had not," the clinic told The Daily Mail.

However, according to VT, Mena's family has accused SkinPiel clinic of "negligence" claiming the treatment was carried out by non-professionals and she had been anesthetized by an employee who had never even trained.

The clinic has retorted to the claims, saying Mena had failed to notify them that she was taking steroids.

The Sun also reported that the SkinPiel clinic was unlicensed.

In a statement issued to People en EspaƱol, the clinic claimed the doctors present "immediately proceeded to do everything medically possible" to save her life including calling an ambulance and bringing in medical experts to determine if she had taken any substances.

Mena frequently took part in bodybuilding competitions, most notably winning the 2019 Miss and Mr. Hercules title, as well as the Wellness Fitness Juvenile contest just before she died, according to The Sun. Mena was due to participate in a bikini contest in the US this week, Milenio said.

The New York Post reported she was also studying for a degree in nutrition.

Victor Gomez Carreno, Mena's boyfriend, who was a personal trainer, reportedly posted to his private Instagram account: "'Your actions in life, echo in eternity," he wrote. "I will take you with me forever short, it makes no sense to write here what I feel in my heart @odalis_sm, I love you."