Yesterday, audio of Tom Cruise unleashing a foul-mouthed rant about COVID restrictions while on the set of Mission Impossible went viral, and it's all anyone has been able to talk about since...

But now, it has emerged that his actions - or words - have had a profound effect upon some of the crew members working on the set.

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Here's the full story...

Now, this isn't the first time Cruise's bizarre behavior has come under the spotlight.

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His disingenuous persona in interviews alongside the oddly secretive nature of his private life has led many to believe that all is not what it seems with the celebrated actor.

There's been a fair amount of speculation as to what's really going on with him...

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So much so, in fact, that it's turned into something of a full-blown conspiracy theory.

Tom Cruise has been entrenched in the controversial religion of Scientology since 1990.

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And many speculate that a lot of the weirdness in his life can be attributed to his religious beliefs. The majority of these centers around Cruise's weird romantic relationships.

He came to the Church through his first wife, Mimi Rogers.

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Rogers was 6 years Cruise's senior and the pair often appeared to have little in the way of intimate connection. This led some to speculate that this was more of a marriage of convenience.

Cruise's next marriage was even more high-profile.

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He met fellow actress, Nicole Kidman, on the set of Days of Thunder and the pair married just ten months after his first divorce had been finalized.

The couple even started a family together.

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Kidman and Cruise adopted 2 children, Connor and Isabella, during their brief marriage.

Again, many noticed something strange about the partnership.

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Just look at this photo - it seems almost as though Nicole Kidman is a husk of her former self. She looks exhausted and empty. Life with Cruise sure doesn't look easy.

And, for further evidence:

These images of Nicole Kidman leaving her lawyer's office after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise speak volumes. 

But Cruise's love life didn't end there.

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The Church of Scientology knuckled down with finding the actor a new love interest, and there are even claims that the whole thing was like an audition. Girls were allegedly shipped in and tested for their qualifications to be a good Scientologist partner for Cruise.

And the eventual winner?

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Well, it was the young and aspiring actress, Katie Holmes.

The pair went public with their relationship in April 2005...

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But, right from the beginning, some noticed the same odd body language that Cruise had previously displayed with his ex-wives.

And the less he said about this, the better.

(For those who don't remember, Cruise was interviewed by Oprah and jumped on his sofa in one of the most unconvincing displays of love of all time.)

Shortly after, Holmes announced that she was pregnant.

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Just 7 months after the pair revealed that they were dating, they proudly displayed Katie's baby bump. Of course, there are those who believe that Holmes was pregnant before Cruise came into her life - but, again, that's another story.

In April 2006, just a year after the pair met, Suri Cruise was born.

Much of her birth story was kept a secret - but there was that famous Vanity Fair cover shot by Annie Leibovitz. Details that were leaked (such as Holmes reportedly having to remain totally silent throughout the labor) were as weird as the world expected.

However, things between the pair quickly soured.

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In fact, Holmes apparently blindsided Cruise by filing for divorce from the actor in 2012 just 5 years after tying the knot.

But it isn't just his love life that is embroiled in controversy.

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Mission Impossible 2 co-star, Thandie Newton, recently spoke out about the horrific experience she endured while working with him.

"Oh, I was never asked [about Scientology]. I was so scared of Tom," Newton claimed.

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"He was a very dominant individual."

"But the pressure."

"He takes on a lot. And I think he has this sense that only he can do everything as best as it can be done," she revealed.

"Tom has gotten away with being this ‘nice guy,’ because that’s what Scientology policy says - to create good PR in the world and make those ‘good actions’ known."

"But if you actually look at his actions, they’re not consistent."

The dirt continued...

"He can’t keep a marriage together, he’s jumping on couches, he’s acting like he knows anything about postpartum. I learned pretty quickly that that’s not something you should be doing, because Tom Cruise is considered a messiah in Scientology."

Her allegations were shocking.

"This is a man who has not even seen his own daughter in years... That this guy can be running around and having people think he’s this super-nice guy, I don’t get it. But that’s the Hollywood bulls**t game people play."

Well, many people weren't sure what to believe with her claims...

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But this week, while filming for Mission Impossible 7 in the U.K, Cruise seems to have accidentally let his true colors show.

The star has been following COVID safety precautions by wearing a mask on set...

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However, the same can't be said for the rest of the crew.

Yesterday, audio was released that heard the actor losing his temper with the crew for not taking COVID protocols seriously...

According to reports, Cruise got riled up by the film crew when he spotted them huddling together by a screen.

Cruise could be heard shouting: “If I see you do it again, you're f***ing gone."

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He then yelled: “We are the gold standard. They’re back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us. Because they believe in us and what we’re doing. I’m on the phone with every f***ing studio at night, insurance companies, producers and they’re looking at us and using us to make their movies. We are creating thousands of jobs, you motherf***ers. I don’t ever want to see it again. Ever!"

Clearly, the star has strict guidelines that he clearly doesn't want to be broken...

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“You can tell it to the people who are losing their f***ing homes because our industry is shut down," he continued. “It’s not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education. That’s what I sleep with every night – the future of this f***ing industry! “So I’m sorry, I am beyond your apologies. I have told you, and now I want it, and if you don’t do it, you’re out. We are not shutting this f***ing movie down! Is it understood? If I see it again, you’re f***ing gone."

The movie was delayed back in October due to twelve people testing positive for coronavirus on set in Italy.

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Production only started back up a few weeks ago, and Cruise is clearly nervous that things could easily get shut down again. "Am I clear? Do you understand what I want? Do you understand the responsibility that I have? Because I will deal with your reason, and if you can’t be reasonable and I can’t deal with your logic, you’re fired," Cruise continued. “That’s it. That is it. I trust you guys to be here."

It didn't take long for his shocking rant to go viral...

And many people actually applauded the actor for taking a stand against the flouting of COVID regulations.

However, not everyone has taken to it too kindly...

As it has been reported today that 5 crew members from the set of Mission Impossible have resigned.

An anonymous source came forward with the news.

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As per The Sun, they said this: "The first outburst was big but things haven't calmed since. Tension has been building for months and this was the final straw. Since it became public there has been more anger and several staff have walked."

They continued:

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"But Tom just can't take any more after all the lengths they have gone to just to keep filming at all. He's upset others aren't taking it as seriously as him. In the end, he's the one who carries the can."

You can listen to his rant here.

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