Musician, FKA Twigs, has today opened up about the "awful" abuse she suffered at the hands of dedicated Robert Pattinson fans during their 3-year-long relationship.

Here's the full story...

Now, this shocking revealation comes just one month after her domestic abuse allegations against ex, Shia LaBeouf.


In December 2020, it emerged that the London-born singer-songwriter, real name Tahliah Barnett, was suing LaBeouf for sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

The allegations were harrowing.


The lawsuit, filed by the Los Angeles Superior Court, read:

"Shia LaBeouf hurts women. He uses them. He abuses them, both physically and mentally. He is dangerous."

It then went on to list a whole array of disturbing behaviors displayed by LaBeouf during their relationship, which lasted between 2018-2019.


She claims that the actor had "strangled her" while she slept, had "violently attacked her" by throwing her against a car in public, had subjected her to emotional manipulation, and had "knowingly infected her with an STD", among other things.

Some incidents were outlined in further detail...


The lawsuit recalled an incident in which LaBeouf had become manic while driving back to his home.

Twigs had allegedly tried to get out of the vehicle, but he threatened to crash the car unless he professed her "eternal love" for him. He then stopped at a gas station, where he "violently attacked" her, throwing her against the car, screaming in her face and attempting to strangle her, before forcing her to get back in the vehicle.

Initially, the suit was intended to be resolved privately.


Twigs' attorney, Bryan Freedman, told Variety that he and his client tried to resolve the matter privately "on the condition that Mr. LaBeouf agreed to receive meaningful and consistent psychological treatment."

In a second statement, however, the lawyer explained:

"Since he was unwilling to agree to get appropriate help, Ms. Barnett filed this suit to prevent others from unknowingly suffering similar abuse by him."

So, she took to Twitter to break the news.

"​It may be surprising to you to learn that I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. it was hard for me to process too, during and after i never thought something like this would happen to me."

She continued:

"Which is why I have decided it's important for me to talk about it and try to help people understand that when you are under the coercive control of an abuser or in an intimate partner violent relationship leaving doesn't feel like a safe or achievable option."

Twigs hopes that, by sharing her experience, she can help others who are trapped in abusive relationships...

And show them that there is always a way out.

Of course, the internet descended into a total minefield upon the news...

But there was an outpouring of support for Twigs from men, women, and domestic abuse survivors alike from all over the globe.

LaBeouf quickly insisted that not all the allegations were true, in an email statement to the New York Times, which also reported that he said:


"I'm not in any position to tell anyone how my behavior made them feel. I have no excuses for my alcoholism or aggression, only rationalizations. I have been abusive to myself and everyone around me for years. I have a history of hurting the people closest to me. I'm ashamed of that history and am sorry to those I hurt. There is nothing else I can really say."

The lawsuit states that Twigs is suing LaBeouf to help other women...


Not for monetary reasons. Should she be awarded any money from LaBeouf, she intends to donate a "significant portion" to non-profiles that help survivors of domestic abuse.

The lawsuit continues...


But this week, as the news of the abuse she endured at the hands of LaBeouf still sinks in, Twigs has opened up about another painful experience.

This time, it is centered around her experience with racism.


Now, as you will all know, Twigs had a relationship with actor, Robert Pattinson, for 3 years - the pair were even engaged to be married for a brief period of time.

Sadly, their relationship came to an end in 2017...


Though Pattinson did say in an interview in 2019 that they had remained on good terms.

However, Twigs has this week opened up about some of the more negative elements of that time in her life.

In a podcast with British documentary maker, Louis Theroux, Twigs admitted that the racism she endured at the hands of Pattinson's fans during their relationship had a "massive dysmorphic affect" on her.

"People just called me the most hurtful and ignorant and horrible names on the planet," she explained, recalling how people would compare her appearance to a monkey.

"It was really, really deeply horrific and I think it was at a time where I felt like I couldn't really talk about it," she added.

"He was their white Prince Charming, and I think they considered he should definitely be with someone white and blonde and not me."

"Say if I was wearing a red dress, they would have a monkey in a red dress, or I was on a bike, they would find a monkey on a bike."

You can see just a small snippet of the disgraceful abuse the young woman endured above.

Twigs admitted in the podcast that the constant abuse resulted in her resenting her own appearance.

"Every time I saw my pictures, I would think, 'Gosh, I look like a monkey and people are going to say that I look like a monkey.'"

She went on to say that while she's become more confident in recent years, the abuse she experienced at the time was "deeply unfair."

"It's essentially bullying and it does affect you psychologically," she said. "Just for everyone to know, I now love how I look and I'm very confident and I feel really good. But it was deeply unfair at the time that I was made to feel so self-conscious and so ugly. It was a lot. That period was a lot."

You can listen to her full interview here.


Updates on the lawsuit against Shia LaBeouf will be posted accordingly.