Tributes have been pouring in for the legendary actor, Tony Scannell.

News of his passing has left fans everywhere distraught, some took to twitter to share their fond memories of him on screen.

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Tributes have been pouring in for The Bill legend Tony Scannell.

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Scannell was well-known for playing DS Ted Roach for nine years on the police drama show.

He also starred in Flash Gordon, Evil Never Dies and The Waking Dead.

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Where his fame grew.

Scannell was born in Cork, UK, in 1945 with his dad, a professional goalkeeper, who played for the Republic of Ireland.

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Surprisingly, he only got into acting to get out of guard duty in the RAF, where he served for 5 years.

Scannell made his debut in The Bill in 1984 and was initially only signed for 2 episodes.

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Speaking about his rise to fame previously, Scannell said: "I thought I'd have to give up acting, as I never had much work, and my brother's father-in-law hired me as a salvage diver where I raised sunken boats. But I landed a role in Flash Gordon (1980), where I was an officer to the great Max von Sydow who played Emperor Ming. Just standing next to him scared the pants off me."

What many might not know is that as well as acting, Scannell was a talented musician.

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He played the keyboard for a Kajagoogoo tribute band called Kaja-who-who.

Fans everywhere were distraught by the news.

And some have written the most heartwarming tributes to the star...

His death was confirmed on social media.

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By a Facebook tribute from a fan of the actor.

The fan tribute read...

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"Damn, damn, damn! I've just learned from Mark Wingett of the passing of a wonderful actor and dear colleague of his."

It continued...

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"Tony Scannell played DS Ted Roach on The Bill for nine years from 84-93. Any episode that had him in it would have me fixated on the TV... I had a very bad case of a young girl crush on Ted/Tony. He was a bit of alright in my books (despite the fact he was literally three months younger than my dad!)."

His death has stirred up deep emotions from those who knew and loved him.

"When Tony retired Ted in 1993 I was gutted! I developed a unreasoning dislike of the new DS John Bolton (Russell Boulter) and ground my teeth every time the 'holier than thou' Inspect Andrew Monroe (Colin Tarrant) who caused Ted to quit, came on the screen. It took me more years than I care to admit (And meeting Russell, Mark and Hew Higginson) to rid myself of those daft feelings"

His characters still hold special places in people's hearts.

"Ted was such a dynamic character, and although I never did get to meet him, I'm sure Tony was just as amazing... and his memory will be cherished by his loved ones and friends all." "Vale Mr Scannell! And thank you!"

Tony played Ted Roach from 1984 until 1993 when he quit Sun Hill police station.

He returned briefly as a private detective in 2000 and starred alongside Paul O'Grady (as Lily Savage), but then died off-screen in a hit and run in 2004.

He was clearly well-loved by all who watched his work.

And a mass of tributes have poured in on social media for the star.

There wasn't a bad word said about the actor.

People just wanted him to know how loved he was.

Fans weren't short of compliments.

And it's clear to see why.

He was praised for his "superb" roles.

And for being a "gentle soul," and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Which is a rare commodity in the world of showbiz nowadays.

People shared their prayers for Scannell's family.

There was still so much Scannell had planned.

But sadly it wasn't to be.

After a life well-lived, the actor has sadly died aged seventy-four.

He leaves behind three children and partner, Agnes Lillis. His cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

Our prayers are with his friends and family.

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