Anti-Vaxxer Who Destroyed 570 Doses of COVID Vaccine Is Also a Flat-Earther Who Thinks the Sky Is Fake | 22 Words

The whole topic of anti-vaxxers is extremely problematic, and, in recent months, more and more people are taking a stand against them, but that doesn't seem to be slowing them down.

One man, who destroyed hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines, has been outed as a flat earth fanatic too...

And it only gets worse...


Keep scrolling to find out how many years he could be facing in jail after he found himself in some deep trouble with the authorities.

It makes you wonder how anti-vaxxers still exist...


But what exactly is an anti-vaxxer?

Technically speaking...


An anti-vaxxer is basically a person who opposes vaccinations and the laws made that mandate the vaccination.

And we must say...

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We don't agree with the beliefs of anti-vaxxers, at all.

Anti-vaxxers aren't always malicious...


They simply believe there are healthier alternatives to vaccinations, but their naivety puts their children in great danger.

This is a case of better education.

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Parents need to be educated properly about vaccinations as, at the end of the day, babies and children aren' t capable of learning about the vaccines they need.

But as with any majority group...

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Comes the extremists... And anti-vaxxer extremists are pretty intense.

These select few bash their opinions and views onto others...


And they shame other parents who choose to vaccinate their children, which is not cool at all.

But what anti-vaxxers need to realize is...


Not vaccinating children is a very, very dangerous game to play.

And in the wake of a huge amount of anti-vaxx conspiracy ...


Facebook has already decided to step in and limit the amount of vaccination propaganda on the site.

They've made a huge step in the right direction.

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But that doesn't stop people from falling into the trap.

And one man used his beliefs as motivation to destroy 570 Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.


Steven Brandenburg, a former pharmacist from Wisconsin, was arrested recently for destroying hundreds of vaccines because he believed the pandemic was one massive hoax.

But not only that, but he's also a man that wholeheartedly believes the world is flat.


Yep, we've got a flat-earther in the house too. It's a double whammy.

And of course, people had a lot to say about it...


The forty-six-year-old was accused of tampering with vaccines by taking them out of the refrigerator.


He was doing all of this at a facility in Grafton, where he worked the night shift.

The authorities accused him of also knowing that this would mean the doses could not be administered the following day.


Official documents state that Brandenburg believed the vaccine will "microchip" those who take it and it will "turn off people's birth control and make others infertile."

And if that wasn't whacky enough, he also believes that the sky is not real...


And it is in fact a shield the government is using in order to make sure no one sees God. Yikes.

An official report stated that Brandenburg was "heavily engaged with conspiracy theories."


"Some of the conspiracy theories Brandenburg told Sticker [a collegue] about included: the Earth is flat; the sky is not real, rather it is a shield put up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing God, and judgment day is coming."

His wife Gretchen also stated in divorce papers obtained by multiple media outlets that he displayed some pretty concerning behaviors.


He started storing bulk food and guns in a number of different locations, believing the government was planning to attack the electrical grid computer networks.

She said that she was so scared for her family that she and her children left town for a period of time.


Brandenburg has claimed to the authorities that destroying the vaccines was just a "spontaneous act" and that he "wasn't thinking" at the time.

But the consequences of his actions might be a bitter pill to swallow...‚Äč


He will be appearing in court on February 9th and faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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