‘Flat Earther’ Says Their Uncle Sailed Off the Edge of the Earth and Nobody Can Tell Whether They’re Joking

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Of all the conspiracy theorists out there, it’s the flat earthers that many see as the most ridiculous. The fact that their ideas about the shape of the world are so easily disproved can make them something of an easy target for mockery. Flat earthers can be seen to represent the very worst of the “tinfoil hat” community – a bunch of oddballs and quacks, needlessly distrustful of society.

But one TikTok video on the subject of the flat earth theory has truly got the internet baffled this week. TikTiker @brofessorMegan shared an interview with 2 flat earthers that has everyone questioning whether or not it’s a prank.

The conspiracy theorists are lobster fishermen from Maine and have a bizarre sea story relating to their view on the shape of our planet. “So my uncle one time… he got in his boat, and he went way f***ing past the 3-mile line, all the way out towards Canada. I swear to f***ing god, we never saw that motherf***er again. He went all the way past towards Canada, and I believe personally that he sailed off the edge of the Earth,” one claims.

They go on to say they believe the earth is shaped like a “trapezoidal prism, mountain ranges are the different edges… that could have explained why he fell off. Well there’s always the Mariana trench, and you know that it splits the Earth clean in half, right, and so if you fall off the edge of the Earth you just go straight in.”

Many people believed the video to be fake, with comments reading: “Y’all know all three are joking, right?” and: “I can’t believe they were able to make all that up in the moment.” Another pointed out the joke was in fact on the interviewer, saying: “Love this! The ‘reporter’ thinks she is laughing at them, but actually, it’s the other way around.”

Internet sleuths have even tracked down the person in the video, who has now been identified as Davy Friedell, a non-binary 20-year-old from Maine. It does appear they have an interest in sketch comedy, lending credence to the idea that the flat earther interview may be a bit.

But whether it’s true or not, it’s clear the video is absolutely hilarious. “I think I just fell in love with them,” one wrote. “This is improv at its funniest,” another fan proclaimed. “I love that they’re the type of person that can straight face that entire monologue and just privately know how funny they are,” a third agreed.

Do you think the video is real? Or do you think Davy Friedell is the ultimate troll? Either way, we;re loving the hilarious video.