Flat-Earthers Mocked as SpaceX Launch Proves the Earth is Round | 22 Words

After a historic collaboration with NASA, SpaceX has proved flat-earthers to be wrong as they deliver evidence the makes us certain the Earth is actually round.

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What there is beyond our planet is a mystery...

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But because of the developments in astronomy over the last few decades, a lot has been discovered about our solar system and what there is outside of Planet Earth.

It all started in 1961.

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Soviet Air Forces pilot Yuri Gargarin was the first human to journey into space after completing one orbit of Earth in his capsule Vostok 1.

Yuri became a national hero...

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But 7 years later, Yuri and his flight instructor Vladimir Seryogin were piloting a plane when it crashed in bad weather and killed them both - he was only thirty-four-years-old. Yuri's legacy still lives on to this day - his ashes were interred into the Kremlin wall that is ritually visited by space flight crews prior to their departure for Baikonur.

More and more astronauts began venturing further into space...

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Following Yuri's footsteps, 7 American astronauts completed the Mercury Project in which John Glenn was officially the first American to orbit Earth.

NASA is the go-to space organization...

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Founded in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is responsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronautics and aerospace research.

The people at NASA created the International Space Station...

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The space station (ISS) is an outer-space office for astronauts all around the world to use for science and research on behalf of NASA.

NASA orchestrates "spacewalks" every year...

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Any time an astronaut gets out of a vehicle while in space, it is called a spacewalk. A spacewalk is also called an EVA, which stands for extravehicular activity.

The first spacewalk was orchestrated in 1965.

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The first-ever person to go on a spacewalk was Alexei Leonov, who was from Russia. The first spacewalk was on March 18, 1965, and it was 10 minutes long. Whilst the first American to go on a spacewalk was Ed White. His spacewalk was on June 3, 1965, during the Gemini 4 mission which lasted twenty-three-minutes.

But since SpaceX has come on the scene, we have had an iconic collaboration.

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The two giant space organizations launched their first-ever spacecraft equipped with its own crew, so it can go into space.

The journey started in Cape Canaveral in Florida.

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The mission carried NASA astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station as part of their Crew Dragon human spacecraft development program.

The launch began at 4:33 P.M. EDT.

But there was always one thing that could have halted the mission altogether.

The weather.

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But the conditions remained stable, and the spacecraft took off from Kennedy Space Center.

BBC News' science correspondent, Johnathan Amos, previously gave this warning:

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"SpaceX and Nasa also need to listen to what the meteorologists are telling them about the conditions along the flight line in the event that the Dragon has to abort its ascent. If something goes wrong with its rocket, the capsule will need to splashdown somewhere along a swathe of ocean that stretches all the way up the eastern seaboard of the US and reaches across to the British Isles."

He continued:

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"SpaceX has designated certain zones where the crew would ditch, and each one has to have benign wave and wind conditions. If any of these zones step outside the permitted criteria, the launch will not proceed… even if it’s a beautiful day back in Florida. And just to add to the complication, a tropical storm has formed off South Carolina."

If things didn't plan out well, the date would have been rescheduled to either May 30th or May 31st.

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And due to unfavorable weather conditions, it was delayed until the 30th.

Thankfully the weather was good enough to launch on that day.

This mission is set to make history as it will be the first-ever crewed spaceflight for Elon Musk's SpaceX, and it will also be the first U.S.-based human rocket launch since the end of the Space Shuttle program back in 2011.

So why else was this launch so important?

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Well, this is the final mission (of The Demo-2) and will help determine if the Falcon 9, "the rocket that carries it to orbit", will be certified for regular use by NASA.

On the way to the International Space Station, the rocket gave us some really important evidence.

Obviously you've heard about the flat-earth theory, right? Some people have stayed in the Greek era, thinking that rather than being round, the earth is completely flat.

But images taken from the spacecraft showed us what the rest of us knew to be true...

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As it entered orbit, live footage was streamed to the world of the planet in all its round glory. A user commented saying: "One thing I can certainly clear up after watching that amazing event... the Earth is definitely not flat. Sorry Flat Earthers you’ve been debunked."

Here it is:

It's weird, the Flat Earthers have remained pretty quiet since the 30th, but I don't blame them really... Keep scrolling to learn more about SpaceX's owner, Elon Musk.