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You may be aware of a group of people called "flat earthers," who are convinced that the Earth is actually flat. Some of whom are so convinced that they will go to great lengths to try to prove it.

But when one couple tried to sail to the edge of the world, it didn't quite go to plan...

There are countless conspiracy theories out there.

Along with a ton of people with some crazy ideas about how we are all being duped.

Take the whole Paul McCartney is dead theory, for instance.

Obviously, Paul McCartney is not dead. He released an album called Egypt Station fairly recently. In 2015 he released "FourFiveSeconds" with Rihanna and Kanye West. However, conspiracy theorists think that he died in 1966, 3 years before The Beatles disbanded. They say they found their proof hidden in the Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which they believe has loads of hidden messages about Paul's death. They even think that the other Beatles have been covering it up by hiring someone who looked and sang like it him. If that is the case, they certainly found a very talented doppelganger.

Or what about Elvis being alive?

Again, it seems odd that people have come up with a conspiracy theory that is obviously false. But then that is the nature of these theories. There has recently been a YouTube video released which shows grainy footage of an eighty-one-year-old groundsman. People believe that he gave them a sign by raising 2 fingers to his head, which proves that he is alive… This seems to be tenuous at best.

The moon landing was a fake.

In the 1960s, during the Cold War, the USA and Russia were heavily involved in a space race. They wanted to see who could get the furthest and who could be the best. When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, the USA claimed victory in the race. But conspiracy theorists don't think that they really got there. They think it was faked. Even though 2 countries from opposite sides of the globe were involved in the race; there were several failed attempts; even though it is a fact, with photo evidence, they think it was fake.

The Queen's son is a vampire.

Prince Charles is a distant descendant of Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula. Let's not forget, Dracula was a fictional novel written by Stoker in 1897. It was not a biography. However, this is enough for conspiracy theorists. They believe, despite evidence to the contrary, that Prince Charles is, therefore, a vampire; a mythical creature that cannot go outside in the light and likes to feed on human flesh. Sure, that seems likely.

But one of the biggest conspiracies is the fact that the Earth is "flat."

As in, they don't think it is round. They don't think you can fly around it in a circular direction. They think it is flat and has edges.

There's no solid proof that the Earth is flat...

In the 19th century, a man without serious credentials named Samuel Rowbotham claimed that the Earth was flat. He ran away from some questions that he couldn't answer, he refused to take part in challenges and he lied when he finally had to do a test. Yet many people now, over a century later, still think that he could be right.

There's a heck of a lot of science that backs up the fact that the Earth is in fact, round.


It has been scientifically proven that the Earth is not flat. The moon is round, the sun is round, and so is the Earth. The Earth rotates on an axis, and the Earth rotates around the sun. You can even see shadows during a lunar eclipse that shows the Earth's round shadow. The shape is, you might say, a globe.

In fact, we have known that the Earth is not flat for over two-thousand years.


Aristotle realized that the Earth was round way back in 350 BC when he wrote On The Heavens. He made the point that simply by observing the stars we are able to tell that the Earth is round. You can see this by the way the stars move across the sky at night as the Earth rotates. Or the way you get different stars depending on if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. A very good point.

The Ancient Greeks used a really simple test to prove it.

If you put a stick in the ground, then when the sun is directly overhead, there is no shadow. But at the exact same time in a city five-hundred miles north, there is a shadow. If the Earth was flat, they would show the same shadow. The Ancient Greeks managed to use the difference in the angles to calculate the size of the Earth. They got to within ten percent. That's a pretty good effort for over two-thousand years ago.

Have you ever seen a sunset?

The streaks of different colors in the sky at sunset can be breath-taking. But aside from their beauty, sunsets can also help you understand science. When you watch the sunset, especially near the equator where the sun appears to be bigger, you can see that the sun gradually disappears on the horizon. There is often a point where you can see half the sun, while half the sun has gone. Like when a child draws a sunset. This is because the Earth is rotating. In a funny way, it is actually the Earth that is setting, rather than the sun.

Many people mock flat earthers for the mere suggestion that the planet isn't round.

But that doesn't put them off.

In fact, for 1 Italian couple, it made them determined to prove their theory.

But, as we're sure you can guess, they were less than successful in doing so.

The pair, who both believe in the flat earth theory, first planned to prove their theory by going on a cruise.

But, after the year we've had, unsurprisingly, the cruise was called off.

And so they had to think of alternative ways to prove their theory.

Undeterred, the couple thought that if they couldn't go on a cruise, they would make their own version.

So, their journey began...

They reportedly sold their car, bought a boat, and set sail.

They set off from Venice towards Lampedusa, an island located between Sicily and North Africa - the place where they believed the end of the world is located.

But found themselves in a bit of trouble along the way as it turns out navigating isn't easy.

The couple got lost...

Instead of finding the end of the word, the couple found themselves washed up on a small island named Ustica.

Ustica is just a short journey from their starting point, and even worse...

The complete wrong direction.

The couple were reportedly helped by a doctor on the island before being placed in quarantine.

They eventually finished their quarantine, after trying to escape twice, and ended their great mission by taking the ferry home.

Well, they can always try again next year.

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