Flight Attendant Finds Passenger’s Baby Crying Out of Hunger and Steps in With a Remarkable Offer

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A recent Philippines Airlines flight became unexpectedly special for 2 people: a passenger and a cabin crew evaluator.


And it was all because the flight attendant, named Patrisha Organo, who was promoted to a cabin crew evaluator that very morning, reached out to help a struggling mom.

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But not in the way you’d ever guess.

It was much more special than just offering her kind words.


Now, when you’re on a plane, and you’re about to have an extremely tiring flight…And a baby starts crying, you get a little irritated, right?

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But, just imagine how the mom must feel, not knowing why her baby is crying, and having other passengers staring at her, putting her under pressure to calm her baby down. It mustn’t be very nice.

Well, this is exactly how one mom felt on this flight, and if it wasn’t for flight attendant, wife, and mom, Organo, the flight could have been a lot more stressful than it turned out to be for the mom of a 6-month-old girl.


“Everything went smoothly until, after takeoff, I heard an infant’s cry, a cry that will make you want to do anything to help,” said Organo according to the Goal Cast.

“I approached the mother and asked if everything’s okay,” she continued.

And then, when the flight attendant offered the advice to feed the 6-month-old, she had a very emotional momma bear look back at her admitting that she couldn’t do that.

“Teary-eyed, she told me that she ran out of formula milk. Passengers started looking and staring at the tiny, fragile crying infant,” Organo explained.

Well, you’d never guess what the attendant did next…


She offered to feed the mom’s daughter herself.

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But, because the plane didn’t offer formula milk, she did it on her own.

Yep, that’s right, the flight attendant momma has a 9-month-old baby munchkin of her own, and that’s why she knew exactly what the passengers baby girl was crying for.

And so, walking to the plane’s galley, the flight attendant began to feed the little girl.

“I saw the relief in her mother’s eyes.

“I continued to feed the baby until she fell asleep. I escorted her back to her seat and just before I left, the mother sincerely thanked me,” she said.


And, hey, what else are moms for if not to help their fellow momma’s, right?

We think those who go out their way to help other struggling moms are simply the best, honestly.

What an incredible woman Organo is, and it’s safe to say, she’s definitely deserving of the promotion she got that day, right?