Florida Bar Owner Bans Customers From Wearing Masks and Asks Them To Leave If They Do

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A Florida bar owner has divided opinions this week with his somewhat controversial stance on face masks…

This establishment has instead imposed a full-fledged ban on the protective face coverings.

I told you it was controversial.

Ever since news of his rule began circulating, the owner of the bar has been vocal on his stance regarding the virus and hasn’t been shy when asked about his disputed decision.

As of this morning, there have been at least 683,746 cases and 13,295 deaths in Florida since the beginning of the pandemic, a New York Times database reported.

So, it goes without saying that Florida’s residents are obliged to take every safety precaution possible.

This includes abiding by social distancing measures, taking extra care with sanitation and personal hygiene and, of course, wearing face masks when out and about in public.

But only nineteen counties in Florida have instituted some type of mandatory mask regulation, out of a total of sixty-seven counties in the state.

However, residents have still been encouraged to wear a mask and follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations, Don Walker, the communications director for Brevard County, previously told Fox News.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen countless people protesting against face masks and deliberately going out of their way to avoid social-distancing measures.

And now, among the protestors, there is a business owner who has caused quite the stir regarding his stance on face masks.

Starting on September 11th, Kirby banned all masks from his establishment, placing a “Masks Prohibited” sign the front door.

And stresses that “we do not support, we do not believe in them.”

And for customers who do want to wear a mask…

Well, they’ll simply be asked to leave the premises.

In an interview with Fox 35 Orlando, Kirby explained:

“I personally don’t agree with it. So that’s why I made the decision to… I don’t want them here.”

Kirby has previously said that the mask ban is a security precaution after an unsolved burglary that happened at his bar last month.

He is still cleaning and enforcing social distancing measures at the bar.

And he insists that his bar hasn’t had one positive case of coronavirus, despite thousands of temperature checks.

“I do agree that there is a virus, but it’s with a 1% death rate. I feel like we are statistically just as likely to get hit by a train,” Kirby told Florida Today.

But, legally, he has no power. “It’s a business owner’s right to dictate what they want inside their private business. I don’t support (Westside’s) philosophy. But it’s their right,” he said.

He’s received a mixture of death threats, bad online business reviews that are coming from Texas and California, and, alternatively, a wave of support from Facebook users.

“I’m getting messages on my Facebook saying, ‘Hey, football, we’re coming there to watch the game.”

And his no-mask rule is going strong. For more on controversial business owners, keep scrolling to read about the salon which banned face masks and any “covid talk”…