Things are starting to return to normal despite the country still facing increased cases of the virus, and as the need for more precautions becomes even clearer, some feel they don't need to adhere to medical guidelines.

One man has taken things a step too far when he did something unforgivable to a child...

Facebook users have made their thoughts on his disgusting behavior pretty clear and we're all thinking the same thing.

The pandemic has really brought out the worst in people...

Right now the United States is the worst affected country in the world but is it because people are acting so recklessly?

Even though everal states have declared states of emergencies, it seems as though some people just don't care.

And with the uproar from anti-maskers, it seems things are only going to get worse.

Bizarrely these people feel they don't need to take the same precautions as the rest of us.

As if they are immune to the deadly virus.

Although the country is still experiencing increased cases of coronavirus, things have started to get back to normal, we've all had to adapt to a new way of living.

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Despite these subtle changes, people are still struggling to adapt to these essential precautions.

In the past few weeks, we've been trying to get back to normality...

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With things beginning to reopen again.

But whilst things are getting back to normal, we must still take precautions.

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This is very important because we need to stop the spread of the virus.

In fact, some precautions are becoming mandatory in some places.

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Including here in the U.S.

In some states, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask on certain occasions.

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For example, in some retail stores like Costco, on public transport, and even in restaurants.

Some people are choosing to wear a face-covering regardless.

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To provide them with peace of mind. I mean, that seems to be a good idea. Along with that, people are carrying around bottles of hand sanitizer and wet wipes.

But there are issues with face masks that many people have discovered.

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Not only are they in short supply, after most countries in the world are requiring PPE.

But the issue that many people have discovered is how uncomfortable face masks can be.

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Particularly when they are worn for a long period of time.

They can also make it hard to breathe whilst wearing.

But the uncomfortable nature is a small price to pay for the safety they could provide.

Many people have resorted to making their own masks.

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Both for themselves and for essential workers, as they are not being provided with enough.

Despite this, health experts have stressed their importance.

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Healthline describes them as "crucial in the fight against the pandemic." They stressed that this rule is to protect others and not yourself. Wearing a mask reduces the transmission of the disease by at least half.

A lot of people have decided to take on board these expert suggestions...

But sadly, not everyone agrees...

Authorities said a man from Florida is facing charges after spitting on a child inside a restaurant.

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Before telling him “you now have coronavirus."

Forty-seven-year-old Jason Copenhaver was arrested over the incident that happened on Sunday.

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The boy and his family were eating at a restaurant in Treasure Island in Pinellas County.

It is believed that Copenhaver was intoxicated, although that is no excuse for his vile behavior.

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Copenhaver initially asked the child if he could shake his hand. After the boy refused, he grabbed the child and spat in his face.

As if that couldn't get any worse...

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He then told the child he now has the virus.

He then made his way over to the bar, where a worker told him to sit down.

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It was also reported that he was not wearing any shoes when he approached the worker in a “threatening manner and attempted to strike him twice."

The worker grabbed Copenhaver escorting him outside before pinning him to the ground.

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Copenhaver has not been tested for the virus and doesn’t know if he actually has it.

Shockingly, the man was later freed after posting bond.

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