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During the coronavirus pandemic, the use of face masks has long been a debate with a lot of people. But recently, one particular video from Florida has shocked us all...

​The new footage has reignited the long-standing debate...


Are masks effective?

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We have been told that while the vaccine is being distributed, we must still take precautions.


This is very important because we need to stop the spread of the virus.

In fact, some precautions are becoming mandatory in some places.

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Including here in the US.

In some states, it has become mandatory to wear a face mask on certain occasions.

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For example, in some retail stores like Costco, customers are required to wear one. And not to mention public transport. It can be annoying but it's something we all have to do for the greater good.

Some people are choosing to wear a face-covering regardless.

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To provide them with peace of mind.

But there are issues with face masks that many people have discovered.

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Not only are they in short supply, after most countries in the world are requiring PPE.

Meaning that many people are having to make their own.

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Both for themselves and for essential workers, as they are not being provided with enough.

But the other issue is that many people have discovered how uncomfortable face masks can be.

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Particularly when they are worn for a long period of time.

They can also make it hard to breathe.

You may think the uncomfortable nature is a small price to pay for the safety they could provide.

But obviously there has been an ongoing debate as to if they actually provide enough protection.

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The world seems to be divided on the issue, with lots of people claiming that the masks are in fact only an accessory used to control the masses.

And that's why many are refusing to wear them.

Anti-lockdown protests have been taking place as people would rather "live freely than be oppressed by masks."

Despite this, health experts have stressed their importance.

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Healthline describes them as "crucial in the fight against the pandemic." They stressed that this rule is to protect others and not yourself. Wearing a mask reduces the transmission of the disease by at least half.

An emergency physician named Dr. Luke Padwick said this:

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“Wearing a mask is good for 2 reasons: It's going to cut down 95 percent of the breathing that sends the virus up to 6 feet away in a room, and also will reduce fecal/oral transmission by preventing the virus from getting into your nose or mouth" if you touch a contaminated surface and then your face," Padwick told Healthline. “I think this will slow down the virus a lot."

So with this in mind, it would be better to be safe than sorry, right?


Lots of businesses and establishments up and down the country are making it compulsory to enter places with face coverings, making sure your nose and mouth are covered.

But some are going the complete opposite way...


A store in Naples, Florida has recently been under fire after video footage was posted on the internet showing no employee in the store wearing masks while being within close proximity of each other.

There's a sign showing that exempt from Collier County's mask mandate if they have a medical condition.


And the worst part is that some of the employees look like they would be in the elderly category.

The footage has deeply divided the internet...


Some people were outraged...

However, others agreed with what was going on in the store...


The person that posted the video on Twitter has stated that she "assumed" everyone had medical conditions.



Here's the video:

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