Florida Police Shoot Tiger in Zoo After Staff Member Tried to Pet and Feed Animal

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A Tiger has been shot dead after being provoked by a Zoo cleaner who suffered serious injuries.

And the worst part is it could have been avoided.

Read on to find out what happened.

People are understandably outraged by the outcome…

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A Zoo cleaner at the Naples Zoo disregarded all warnings as well as common sense…

After he decided to allegedly pet and feed Eko, the Malayan tiger, on Wednesday, resulting in him acting on instinct and attacking the man.

The cleaner in question was meant to be cleaning restrooms and the gift shop…

But instead ventured over to the Tiger enclosure, somewhere he wasn’t authorized to be.

After being provoked, Eko latched onto the mans arm and tried to pull him through the enclosure…

Sadly, even after deputies at the Collier County Sheriff’s Dept. banged on the cage to get Eko to release his grip, they couldn’t get him to let go.

This led one of the deputies to shoot and kill Eko.

The man was immediately taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Rest in peace, Eko.