Amid the current worldwide toilet paper shortage, a florist decided to spruce up his floral bouquets by jokingly adding individual rolls of toilet paper... But people have loved his creation, and demand is now through the roof.

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It's 2020, and the demand for toilet paper has never been higher.

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With the deadly COVID-19 sweeping the planet, millions have descended into mass hysteria - And have been frantically stocking up on toilet paper as a result. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write...

A large proportion of the world is currently in lockdown.

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And, while most are calmly self-isolating at home, many have been taking to their local supermarkets to stockpile on supplies.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical.

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Thousands of frenzied shoppers have been seen hoarding on non-perishable items to see them through the pandemic.

And, as a result...

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The supermarket's shelves have been stripped completely bare.

People have been hoarding everything and anything.

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Canned goods, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, frozen meat... You name it, it's been unnecessarily hoarded and stockpiled.

It's truly shameful.

One of the more heartbreaking realities of this stockpiling is that many people, including the elderly and the vulnerable, have been left with nothing.

But, out of all this selfish stockpiling...

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There's been one item that's a little more desired than others.

Toilet paper.

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Yep, people simply cannot get enough of the stuff.

Panicked shoppers have been frantically stocking up on toilet paper...

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And none of us are entirely sure why.

Evidently, thousands of people have an underlying fear of being caught short while on the toilet...

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So they have been completely rinsing supermarkets of their supplies, meaning that many are struggling to find any toilet paper anywhere.

Many efforts have been put in place to combat the toilet paper frenzy...

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Forcing supermarkets to put in place strict regulations as to how many packets of toilet paper a customer can purchase at a time.

And, in Australia, police have even been stationed in supermarkets to dish out the appropriate amount of toilet paper to customers.

Yeah, this is the world we're living in right now.

But, despite all the measures currently in place...

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People are still struggling to get their hands on that ever-so-desired toilet paper.

And, while some are buying second-hand packets of the stuff online for outrageous prices...

Others are heading out to their florist for their toilet paper fix.

David Faulkner, who co-owns Blossom Events and Florist in Trumann, Arkansas, is here for everyone's toilet paper needs.

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I know what you're thinking... How can a florist help in our quest for toilet paper?

Well, wonder no further.

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In an attempt to make light of the current stockpiling situation, David decided to put together his very own toilet paper bouquet.

It's a truly marvelous invention.

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Speaking to WREG, David explained: “It’s just like a dozen roses, except that it has toilet paper. I mean we made toilet paper look pretty, I guess if you can consider that. Like I said, it was just for giggles, you know, to bring some smiles to our community."

But, what initially started out as a joke...

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Quickly turned into a full-fledged business opportunity.

People loved the unique bouquets...

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And the orders began flooding in. So, David and the rest of the Blossom team found themselves hastily making and shipping the toilet paper bouquets for the same price as a dozen roses: $75.

People have been sending the bouquets to their loved ones...

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Which are proving as a fun and quirky way to lift spirits during the lockdown period.

And you don't need to worry about David running out of toilet paper himself.

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Because it turns out that the florist is an avid couponer himself, and has been stocking up for quite some time now.

It's great to see that the company has found a way to benefit from this dire situation.

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“It is going to affect our business one way or another, so we’re just trying to, right now, do like everybody and make the best of it," Bart Faulkner explained. For more on the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, keep scrolling to hear about the positive changes it has enforced upon New York City...