Hairstyling has always been a big part of self-expression. At any given time, you can look and see something new and different that people try with their hair. This year is no different; 2018 has been full of bold, creative hair trends. And you don't have to search hard for them—just the other day, a new look called 'flower vase hair' was born.

One Youtuber, Taylor R, shared some pictures over her Twitter and Instagram profiles. After seeing the extremely floral photoshoot Beyonce had with Vogue, she had an idea of her own. How could one weave flowers through their a more 'practical' way? Using faux-flowers, hair ties, and an empty water bottle, Taylor figured it out. Once she posted the pictures online, the style took off!

So, check out Taylor (and her fans') inventive 'flower vase hair,' along with a few other wild hair designs from 2018!

Meet Taylor R, aka @iamtay_tay.

via: Twitter

And, of course, meet her new hairstyle trend!

After seeing Beyonce’s Vogue cover shoot, she decided to try something.

And came up with flower vase hair—a more ‘practical’ way to wear flowers in your hair.

Luckily, she also posted a vlog about the style.

Looks easy enough to try at home!

All in all, it’s a pretty neat idea!

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If slightly impractical for walking through doors.

And it’s perfect for going out on the town!

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Work it, girl!

Others quickly tried out the look.

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Truly an excellent hairstyle for September. And spring too, I guess. -Eri Shark‏ @Shoujo_Shark

You can even do it with shorter hair…sort of.

via: Twitter

Stepped up the #FlowerVaseHair by adding a cute filter to hide the fact that my hair is actually way too short. -Hana  ?‏ @Jaenellchen

Look at this high-fashion ‘do!

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The world isn't ready for this level of fashion -Ella May‏ @Ellzababoon

Gather materials by all means necessary!

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I stole my mom’s fake flowers #flowervasehair -rin‏ @stobarimilk

Check out this gorgeous goth interpretation!

I had to recreate @taytay_xx's influential Flower Vase Hair look! ? Girl, you always bring it! -the_river_styx

A study in lavender.

What a sweet design!

This flower vase is pretty in pink!

This look was inspired by @taytay_xx ?❤? #flowervasehair #septemberfashion -nikky_smokes

Just feelin’ 23.

She’s the kind of a girl with flowers in her hair ! Being 23 #FlowerVaseHair #hairstyles -swathi_s.k

This flower vase is just in time for October!

Seasonal flowers: Spooky #FlowerVaseHair ? I decided to this fun look done by my favourite YouTuber @taytay_xx by combining the #FlowerVaseHair and her cute #GothTransformation make up (Halloween season folks!!! ?), so two looks in one! -afrika.ausin

Stop and smell the roses.

Attempted the #flowervasehair look by @taytay_xx ??? threw this together so quickly because the lighting was changing -danii.neko

This flower vase hair is rustic-chic!

Is it a vase? no it's me! ta-da! -anikalaa

And this flower vase is braided to perfection!

Looking awesome!

Here’s another pretty short-hair ‘do!

Don’t mind me I just wanted to try #flowervasehair from @taytay_xx newest video!??? It was actually a challenge cause I don’t have much to work with, I couldn't shove the ends in the hole, my hair is shaved all around leaving just the top -kingshiki

This flower vase is ready for that autumn mood!

via: Twitter

My 3 year old thinks I'm crazy but in the name of fashion, I had to -M. White‏ @Bugga_since_03

Here’s the majestic Beyonce look that inspired Taylor’s trend.

Admittedly, it’d be hard to get THAT many flowers in your hair.

Of course, that isn’t the only wild hair trend we’ve seen this year.

People have also come up with some truly incredible and inventive dye-styles!

Just look at this gorgeous blue style!

Now that’s mermaid hair if we’ve ever seen it.

And how about this mind-blowing rainbow of colors?

At this point, an idea just comes to my brain and I go with it. This time was one of the times I literally was screaming and jumping up and down taking pictures. -hannahdisconnected

The shine on this hair is amazing.

Did a lovely little peacock number last week. Check out that shine! -benjiwild

We had no clue what ‘unicorn hair’ would look like, but yeah, this is probably it.

Unicorn hair! -magicofunicorns

And how about this layered design?

There’s a beautiful rainbow hiding underneath!

This hair color is pale, yet intricate.

Don’t burst my bubble ??? Would you call this iridescent, metallic, holographic, or just pastel? I really want to know because I can’t make a decisions myself. -hannahdisconnected

Pretty as a flower.

And styled after one, too!

This gradient is incredible.

Looks like a desert sunset!

And this hair color is out of this world.

With a galaxy of colors in it! Did you see any styles that you'd want to try? Share this story with your friends and see which trendy look catches their eye!