Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Girlfriend Found Dead in Car

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Josie Harris, the ex-girlfriend of former boxer, Floyd Mayweather, has tragically died.

Keep scrolling to read more about Josie, and to hear the circumstances surrounding her shocking death…

But she is perhaps best known for her relationship with the former boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, with whom she shared 3 children.

The pair started dating in 1995 and remained together, on-and-off, until 2010 when they officially called off their engagement.

And Josie found herself as a victim of domestic abuse, with Mayweather abusing her, both physically and mentally, on several different occasions.

And sometimes in front of their 3 children.

Speaking to USA Today, Josie discussed what life with the boxing champion was really like, and admitted that he brutally attacked her on at least “6 occasions”.

And that she only realized the extent of the abuse once she had left.

She explained: “I felt embarrassed about saying I was a battered woman. I felt shame. I felt like it was my fault. What did I do? I didn’t understand what a battered woman was at that time. Now I know I was in a very dysfunctional, hostile relationship and a victim of domestic violence.”

On the night of Sept. 9, 2010, shortly after their final breakup, Mayweather had reportedly become upset and angry over rumors that Josie was dating someone else.

And the pair argued until Josie called the police, who advised the aggravated sports star to leave the property.

And flew into a violent rage. “He grabbed me by the hair and threw me on the ground and started punching me on my head with his fist and twisting my arm back and telling me he is going to kill me and the person that I am with,” Josie said in the police report.

And was the one to alert security to call for help.

And Josie worked hard on moving on with her life as a single mom and businesswoman.

And single-handedly launched her own company, Nappiesaks, which offers a range of different baby products.

Josie was forced to file a $20 million lawsuit against Mayweather, something she reportedly “really didn’t want to do.”

Mayweather had suddenly decided to deny ever attacking his ex…

And suddenly claimed that his ex was high on drugs at the time of the alleged attack. So Josie was forced to sue, claiming defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

And a Los Angeles judge recently set a trial date for December 7th, 2020.

Josie always maintained the hope that Mayweather himself could some day find peace and happiness. “With time comes wisdom,” she wrote to USA TODAY Sports in a text message following her interview. “I hope his lessons aren’t too harsh as he does have a good heart.”

Aged only forty, Josie was shockingly found dead at her home in Valencia, CA, on Monday night, TMZ reports.

And shortly after, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

And the case is reportedly being treated as a death investigation as opposed to a homicide probe.    

As people send their thoughts and condolences to Josie’s children and family.

This is a developing story, and we will report with any updates.