Summer is in full swing right now so it's time to switch things up a little bit. And what better way to re-vamp than to get yourself a new hairstyle? I know! So I'm here to convince you to get a foilayage.

I know what you're thinking: What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is a foilayage?

Good question. It's the combination of balayage and foils, a technique often used in the traditional application of highlights to create brighter, lighter sections throughout while also retaining a smooth finish. A balayage is always a good move for a more subtle, multidimensional splash of natural color, but a foilayage will add a whole new layer to the look, making the colors pop out more.

Speaking of both techniques, Hari's creative colorist, Francesca Dixon explained the differences: "Traditional highlights will almost always use foils, and color is applied to the root of the hair, whereas balayage is a visual hand-painted technique working with pieces of hair. The results are very different as balayage gives hair a blended and overall softer subtle finish, whereas highlights because they are added from the root, can often look stripy."

But combine the 2 and you're bound to get the smoothness of a balayage, with the boldness of a typical highlight. It's a look that a lot of women are now opting for.

How do hair colorists achieve this particular look?

Rather than just foiling all strands of hair, sections are picked out and carefully painted, usually leaving out the root or with dye applied at a specific angle. Other patches are contrasted against the color under the foil to create an all-around flattering look. The foil helps speed up the lightening process to create a brighter overall look.

And finally how much does it cost?

It all depends on the hair salon and the length and thickness of your hair, but typically you're looking to spend around $200 on the lower end of the price spectrum and about $350 on the higher end.

But it's worth it if you're wanting to look like a bad b**** this summer. The pictures speak for themselves - have a look at these amazing results:

I'm booking an appointment as we speak. See you at the salon, my loves.