Heart-Stopping Footage Shows 2 Women Being Flung Off a Swing on the Edge of a 6,300-Foot Cliff

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A horrifying video that has gone viral shows 2 women being flung off a swing and sent flying off the edge of a 6,300-foot cliff in Russia’s Dagestan region.

The video was filmed in June but has recently been shared across social media and shows one of the swing’s chains suddenly snapping, leading both of the women to fall off the edge of the cliff, tumbling towards the Sulak Canyon. The video ended with witnesses screaming and rushing towards the cliff’s edge.

The Sulak Canyon is about sixty-three meters deeper than the Grand Canyon as per the INSIDER.

But, despite the harrowing drop, both women somehow survived after they landed on a narrow, wooden platform just beyond the cliff edge. The women were dragged to safety, left with only bruises and scratches.

The safety failings are now being investigated by law enforcement agencies, with The Ministry of Tourism in Dagestan saying that the swing did not meet safety standards.

As expected, the police have banned the attraction and any other attraction similar to it.

The video, posted on Twitter by UncleRandom generated 1.5k retweets and 1.7k likes.

People hopped to the comments to share their thoughts, some believing safety standards were poor, whereas others believed it had been pushed incorrectly by the man in the video.

“Swing without belt shud be no no. Then the guy who was pushing pushed in the wrong direction…sad,” one person said.

“I too blame Mr. Macho for his asymmetric push style,” another person replied.

While another voiced: “This is why I don’t do stupid stuff like this for the thrill. Sometimes it is just so hard to sympathize.”

People were shocked to find out that the swing did not include a safety harness or other safety measures to prevent incidents like this one from happening in the first place.

The Sulak Canyon is the deepest in Europe at fifty-three kilometers long and over a mile in depth. It is also one of Dagestan’s most popular natural attractions, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

What do you think of the incident?