We're barely into 2018 and already the Internet has created a viral trend that has everyone googling "Tide pods" furiously. If you aren't up to speed with the latest meme-inspired frenzy, it's all about "Forbidden Snacks".

Basically, the Internet is obsessed with objects that look tasty to the eye, but aren't at all edible. Tide pods started the obsession, but of course it's spiraled out of control as good memes and Internet trends tend to do.

Try and make it through this list without having your mouth water — WE DARE YOU. Also (just because we can't reiterate it enough) PLEASE DON'T EAT ANY OF THESE THINGS NO MATTER HOW DELICIOUS THEY LOOK.

The iconic Tide Pods

These little buggers look delicious. Yes, they're meant to make our clothes clean, but if you don't fantasize about popping one of these bad boys into your mouth, who even are you?!

Glass pebbles

Yes, please. We could definitely see these being served after a hearty meal. If your mom had these as table decorations growing up, then you definitely struggled with wanting to eat them. No judgement. It is what it is, folks!

Bouncy balls

Oh my goodness have we been hit with nostalgia! We're pretty sure we tried to eat these as little kids even though we knew we weren't supposed to. So squishy (but sadly not delicious)!


Highly dangerous? Yes. But aren't the best snacks always a little daring? We'd like to think so. This looks very good and we want it ASAP.

Barbie Doll Shoes

At a glance, you'd think these tiny little toy shoes are something you'd find in a candy shop. But alas, they're just meant for a doll's plastic feet. What a pity. Keeping reading for more inedible treats...

This lipstick

This looks more like a dessert than a beauty product. How do we resist biting into one of those? It's impossible!

Decorative soaps

Ummm, OKAY. Who makes soap that looks this yummy? You're trying to tell me that it's not a sugary treat to be served during the holidays? LIES. Lies all around.

This shampoo

This straight up looks like a smoothie or ice cream. If a child eats this, they are simply not to blame!

Fancy bath soaps from LUSH

Put this next to a cheese display at Trader Joe's and tell us which one you'd rather eat! It's not our fault that they make their cosmetic bath supplies so appetizing. Pair these babies with some seasoned crackers and call it a party!

All of these toys from the early 2000's

Truly drooling over all of these toys. Side-note: what exactly where the purpose of those jelly looking things? Who knows? But one thing is for sure: they look like they taste great.