Former flat earthers have been coming forward with the stories of how they realized that their entire belief system was wrong... And their recounts are more amazing than you could have ever imagined.

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Now, the Flat Earth Society is perhaps one of the most bizarre conspiracies our world has ever experienced.

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Those who are part of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat, rather than spherical - just as it says on the tin.

Their reasoning behind their theory is pretty basic...

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Walking around on the planet's surface looks and feels flat, therefore it must be flat.

They then deem all evidence that suggests otherwise as "fake."

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You know the images of our planet and the rest of the solar system? Well, they're all a result of some very adept photoshopping... Apparently.

And, on top of their beliefs regarding the flatness of our planet...


They also preach a whole host of bizarre ideologies, such as the fact that the sun isn't millions of miles away, but incredibly close and local.

And they have shut down every credible source known to man.

According to the Flat Earth Society, NASA is merely a hoax company run by clowns. Oh, and every mission into space has been a well set-up deception.

Obviously, most of us simply laugh at this barbarity.

But there are a surprisingly high number of flat earthers out there.

A poll conducted in 2018 asked 8,215 respondents, “Do you believe that the world is round or flat," and a staggering 2 percent of them chose “I have always believed the world is flat."

It doesn't help that a number of celebrities have added to the Flat Earth Society Hype...

Including the rapper, B.o.B - aka, Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, who first revealed his beliefs on Twitter.

Today, thousands of people claim to be a part of the Flat Earth Society...


But, out of all those who believe, there are those who gradually fall out of love with the far-fetched ideologies.

Because, believe it or not, flat earthers are real people.

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And most of them are actually quite intelligent... Well, they were before they got sucked down the flat earth rabbit hole, that is.

So many flat earthers have seen the light...

Whether it be through the encouragement of others, thorough research into the history of physics, or just basic common sense, there are plenty of former flat earthers out there.

And now, some have come forward with their stories of realization.

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Here are some of the best realization stories...

1. Firstly, this user began by explaining just how he became involved in the world of flat earthers.


He recalls how, despite being skeptical to begin with, his mom convinced him with authentic, and seemingly "scientific" videos.

But he was never fully convinced.


So he set about questioning his mom, who was a firm believer at this point, about all the issues that the idea of a flat earth raises... Like does the moon really produce its own light?

And his questions worked.


Upon realizing that she couldn't give any reasonable answers, his mom came to the realization that the flat Earth theory really doesn't make too much sense.

But he believes that, deep down, his mom never truly believed in this theory...


And, with the help of a solar system model he made as a child, his mom was able to fully let go of the barbaric flat-Earth ideology once and for all.

2. This user recalls challenging his flat earther friend to do an experiment...


Together, they went to opposite ends of a large inlet bay. His friend then calculated the supposed curvature of the earth and realized that, from the distance between them, they should have had a few meters of water between them.

At this, green lasers were introduced into the experiment.


Using the basic laws of physics, the man shined his laser into the air and pointed out that, when lowered, the laser should hit him if the Earth really was flat. Spoiler: It didn't hit him, and the man abandoned all ridiculous beliefs from that moment. Science!

4. This woman shared the story of when she dated a flat earther.


In her post, she recalls her ex making her watch an hour-long documentary which ends by concluding that the Earth is, infact, a Mobius strip, which is why no one falls off the edge. I wonder why they broke up?

5. This user was brought up in a family of conspiracists...


Who believed in spiritual warfare, young-earth creationism, prayer-based healing, and, you guessed it, the flat earth theory. They explained how they had believed in it all until around the age of twelve but, after starting home-schooling, they started to question everything they had been taught.

They pointed out that their mom was a "lazy, delusional narcissist"...


And that, as well as believing that the Earth is flat, she took absolutely no responsibility for anything... Including her children researching scientific explanations to the shape of the Earth.

The Discovery Channel opened their minds to a spherical planet...


And taught them that antibiotics are good things, too.

6. This user had a very clever way of bringing his flat earther friend back down to reality.


He pointed out that both the sun and the moon are visible in the sky, and asked "why is it that the light from the sun isn't hitting the moon in a straight line? The light reflection on the moon is in a different position."

Obviously, this left the flat earther stumped...


But, after realizing that the light from the sun was hitting the moon at a curve, he never said a word about the earth being flat ever again.

7. And, last but not least...


This user realized that the Earth was spherical as soon as he was old enough to sit up... You know, like the rest of us did.

The world of flat earthers is a weird and wild place...

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