Former Human Ken Doll Shows off New $38,000 Bum Lift | 22 Words

Jessica Alves, who originally shot to fame as the "Human Ken Doll", has shown off the results of her recent $38,000 bum lift...

It's been one hell of a year for the former "Human Ken Doll".

Jessica Alves, formerly known as the "Human Ken Doll"  announced that she would be transitioning into a woman back in January.

The Brazillian Instagram star had her first cosmetic procedure aged only seventeen...

And, ever since, she has had countless surgeries on all parts of her body, including ten on her nose alone.

She has always dreamed of having a silicone aesthetic.

Speaking to The Sun back in 2017, she said: "I have always been a very creative person, I grew up watching Disney movies and I wanted to look like a prince when I was a child."

Her unique look gave her international fame...

And she now boasts an impressive 1 million followers on Instagram.

However, things haven't always been smooth sailing for the reality star.

Her cosmetic journey hasn't always gone to plan, with Jessica experiencing numerous botched surgeries such as when she first moved to London for university. "While I was a student, I had my first few surgeries but with poor results. I was very young and I would just find surgeons online and go to the most expensive ones in Harley Street," she explained.

But where did this appearance obsession come from?

She recently opened up about being bullied throughout childhood and being extremely insecure with her natural appearance. “Growing up I felt alone as nobody wanted to be friends with me. Because of my body image and the fact that I was shy, I avoided social situations," she said on a British talk show last year.

The years of bullying took a toll...

And she was ultimately diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have a distorted view of how they look.

She has always felt that cosmetic surgery is the only way for her to be her true self...

“In my dreams, I look a certain way, but then getting up in the morning and looking at myself in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. This was why I carried on having surgeries, seeking out the best doctors in the USA, Brazil, Europe, and the Middle East to help me become my true self," she said.

But earlier this year, Jessica took things into her own hands.

In January, she officially came out as a transgender woman.

Her decision was announced in the Sunday Mirror.

She said: "It feels ­amazing to finally tell the world I'm a girl."

She now uses the pronouns "She" and "Her"...

"I'm known as Ken, but inside I've always felt like Barbie," she went on to say.

The reality star made her most recent appearance today on the British talk show, This Morning.

via: This Morning

She spoke of her transition and she even unveiled her newly christened name, Jessica Alves.

She explained that it wasn’t until a recent photoshoot championing gender fluidity that she felt she could truly be herself.

via: YouTube

"I did a photoshoot where they called me Jessica as a nickname, ever since I kept the wig, the lingerie, the shoes – then I started to cross-dress at home as a secret," the reality star confessed.

This is something Jessica had thought about for a very long time...

"Over the years I have been playing a character and being a man and I tried my best to be a male, after all, I was born in this body as a male," she said.

She continued:

"But I was very unhappy and I either had the transition or die. It was one or the other. I still need two or three more surgeries to complete my transition, and then I swear I will be done with plastic surgery – there is only so much one can take."

Jessica doesn't regret her past decisions, however...

"Yes, it is scary, but it’s what I have to do to be the person I am today. I don’t wish that I transitioned earlier, I had to go through all that experience as a man and that suffering I was going through inside myself."

Jessica then revealed a new life goal...

She would like to become a parent. She explained: "First, is to love yourself. My priority is myself and my transition. I would like to have a child and like to have a baby. I visualize myself taking care of my baby and being with someone who loves me and accepts for me for who I am."

Jessica also announced her ambitious plans for her new self...

Including numerous facial surgeries, breast implants, and even the full gender reassignment surgery.

And a butt lift, of course.

Yep, Jessica has forked out an eye-watering $38,500 to have her behind enhanced, and she hasn't been shy in showing off the finished result.

She posted this candid snap from an airport in the UK.

Standing with her luggage and waving happily at the camera, Jessica's rather shapely bottom is really quite evident.

She now has the hourglass figure she always wanted...

Well, she kind of does.

As long as you're happy, Jessica!

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