Former Miss Universe Forced to ‘Cover Up’ by Airline

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Former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, has been forced to “cover up” by an airline…

She was told by the airline that she would need to cover up in order to fly.

And it has caused uproar online…

​For many years now, debates have taken place regarding the way women are treated over their clothing choices.

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Because we’re all aware that so many women all around the world are judged purely on what they wear.

It’s a terribly tragic reality…

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Because a woman is worth so much more than the clothes she decides to wear!

And when it comes to more revealing clothes, such as shorts, skirts, and swimwear…

People just seem to get so offended by women who have the confidence to wear these kinds of garments in public.

Well, this is what brings us back to today’s shocking story…

Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, has been forced to “cover up” before her flight by an airline.

And of course, the story has well and truly divided opinions…

Culpo was forced to wear her boyfriends jumper on the flight after she was told to cover up.

The situation was filmed and shared to Instagram by Culpo’s sister, Aurora.

According to TMZ, Aurora said in her Instagram stories that Culpo had approached the front desk of their gate before boarding.

She was told by an American Airlines worker at the desk that in order to travel on the flight, she would need to wear a blouse.

Culpo was wearing shorts, a crop top and a long cardigan.

In a further video, Aurora filmed another woman boarding the flight who was also wearing a crop top, but had not been told to cover up.

What do you think of the situation?