Former Mobster Is Having Trouble Finding a Job Because of His Huge Face Tattoo

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We all know large tattoos are frowned upon when it comes to working in a professional setting, and one man from New Zealand is struggling massively to find a job thanks to his huge face tattoo.

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And millions of people worldwide enjoy to express themselves through this beautiful art.

And it all depends on what this individual likes or how they want to present themselves.

But today in 2020, everyone now has a tattoo, including the rich and famous.

And a person’s tattoos can truly define them… such as our beloved Post Malone, who is famous for his facial tattoos.

Not all tattoos are to everyone’s taste.

Especially those that are very big and very exposed.

Puk Kireka is a Tamatea rugby club player, and he has a very exposed brand of his troubled past as a mobster.

The gang was called the Mongrel Mob, and Puk went to some extreme lengths to prove his loyalties to the gang.

They are the largest gang in New Zealand, and they even have branches connecting to Australia and Canada.

It’s pretty big, to say the least… and his unique situation has solicited a lot of reactions.

And after joining, Puk served 5 years in prison non-consecutively – 3 years for violence-related charges and 2 for standovers.

And this spurred on the violence even more.

Many members of the notorious gang are still heavily dependent upon alcohol and drugs.

He is finding it rather difficult because of his huge face tattoo.

And several have asked why he simply doesn’t just get his tattoo removed.

But it really isn’t as simple as just removing the tattoo…

A face tattoo such as Puk’s would take approximately twenty sessions to remove, with 5 – 6 weeks of rest in between each session. Here in the U.S, it could take up to $10,000 to remove, and side effects of removal include scarring, swelling, skin discoloration, or infection.

Puk claims he has turned his life around, and fitness has been a huge part of that. He now plays for the Tamatea rugby team.

Some have questioned whether drugs were involved in his weight loss, but according to Puk, he has been clean for 4 years.

And is currently on a sport and recreation course at the Eastern Institue of Technology which he’ll obtain a diploma, then a degree.

We wish Puk the best of luck in his future and career. Keep scrolling for the heartwarming reason one dad got a tattoo for his son…