Former ‘X-Factor’ Star Thomas Wells Dies in Freak Accident

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Heartbreaking news just in.

Former X-Factor star, Thomas Wells, has tragically died in a horrific freak accident.

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Thomas Wells has died.

Thomas Wells, best known for starring on X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice, has tragically died.


The singer died during a tragic freak accident.

The 46-year-old Wells died while in his workplace, a tyre manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, when the freak accident occurred.


His wife confirmed his death to TMZ.

According to his wife, Jessica, Thomas got caught in an automatic conveyor belt which did not stop moving.


He was rushed to a nearby hospital in Idabel, Oklahoma.

Before being airlifted to a bigger hospital in Tyler, Texas, where doctors hoped they would be able to save him.


Tragically, Wells died in the hospital on November 13.

Well’s obituary stated: “Thomas had an amazing voice and loved singing hymns as well as contemporary music. He always had a smile and loved to joke and give people a hard time. He was a great entertainer and always became the center of attention.”

Rest in peace.