20 Bizarre Things People Found in Their Parents’ Homes That Made Them Question Everything

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Sometimes you don’t realize how weird your parents are until you move out and start a life of your own. But there are always holidays and vacations to bring you back to the den of madness in which you grew up.

Twitter user @jenndangerous asked folks to share “pictures of weird stuff in your parents’ house” and man oh man did people deliver. Do your parents have weird things in their house? I bet they do.

Sure, this home might not have a whole nutcracker collection, but at least they have one giant nutcracker who definitely comes alive and watches you at night.

If your parents don’t have a giant prayer bell lying around, what are they even doing? But that’s not the only object of interest this Twitter user’s parents had in their possession…

Oh yeah, baby! Have you seen anything more American than this drawing of an eagle gradually morphing into a fighter jet? This is like the cover of the worst Animorphs book ever.

Kudos to this mother for keeping this jolly, buck-toothed turtle planter around for all these years. I think if this was given to me, it would somehow get “lost” very quickly.

Of course his step-dad has a clown collection. What step-dad doesn’t? The creepier, the better.

I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I think this mom dressed up this teddy bear to have a lot of pride, and that makes me proud of her. Also, I want to know where the bear got that coat because it’s really cute.

In a (kind of) clarifying tweet, this Twitter user explained that it’s a pad of drawing paper that was purchased at a zoo. Sooooooo the zoo is making paper out of animal poop? Help me out here. I don’t get it.

I knew that bears liked to eat fish and went fishing, but it wasn’t clear to me that they donned vests and caps and used rods. That’s also a very big bear to have on display in one’s house.

Apparently, giant display bears are a common presence in parents’ homes. Especially ones that wear clothes and have outdoor occupations.

Ah yes, love me some “sweet treats” in the bathroom. Is that Listerine Cool Mint? Oooh! Don’t tell me that’s denture glue. Nom nom nom, am I right? Let me at that aftershave! OK this is hilarious, but the next one takes the cake.

Who in the history of the world thought it was a good idea to make Russian nesting dolls of the O.J. Simpson murder trial? This is peak ’90s bad taste. I am absolutely floored that these exist.

Apparently, this is a bust of Elvis. I do not know which world this is a bust of Elvis in. As one commenter so eloquently put it, “That does not look like Elvis.”

A main staple of parents’ and grandparents’ houses are large, unwieldy collections of seashells. Where do they come from? Why are they there? We may never know. But let’s also take a step back and note the old-timey phone with a plate that says “thankful” on it. Makes sense…in opposite land.

You can always count on parents to provide scary monkey toys that are definitely haunted and smell like mothballs. Can’t you just smell the mothballs when you look at this photo?

This is hilarious. I would pay good money to view a collection of art entirely based on photos parents accidentally take on their phones. It’d be a lot of representations of blurry insides of pockets.

Don’t you want to feel like you’re under the sea when you’re going to the bathroom? This scene comes complete with a fishing frog — AS IT SHOULD

You gotta love a ceramic tchotchke collection. Do you think these people are regulars at Precious Moments? Like, they walk into the store and the clerk is like, “Donna! Bill! You haven’t been here since yesterday!”

“Do you think we have enough decorations in the bathroom, mom?” “Never. Never enough.”

Who didn’t have a giant wooden goose that guarded your shoes in your house growing up? I thought that was like, a law or something…

This is pure gold. Sure, they love their daughter. But Guy Fieri deserves a spot in the family too. Obviously.