A little girl who miraculously beat cancer celebrated her milestone in the best possible way...

Lula Beth Bowden has had one hell of a journey.

The 4-year-old, from Vernal, Utah, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer back in March.

Understandably, her family was utterly devastated...

They knew that Lula Beth had a long fight ahead and that her chances of survival were slim.

But, regardless of the bleak statistics, they powered on...

And, when Lula Beth remarkably beat the horrendous disease, they decided to celebrate it in the most heartwarming way.

Now, you will all know that, out of all the illnesses in the world, cancer is by far one of the most devastating.

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A result of the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, cancer develops when the body's normal control mechanism stops working.

Instead of old cells dying like they're supposed to...

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They instead mutate, forming new, abnormal cells.

And the treatment is grueling.

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The goal of treatment is to kill as many cancerous cells as possible, all the while avoiding any damage to the normal and healthy cells nearby.

However, this isn't always possible.

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The most common treatment, chemotherapy, acts as a "poison" and kills off the abnormal cells. However, it can often kill normal cells, too, which makes people incredibly ill, resulting in hair loss, weight loss, and general sickness.

Though chemotherapy has been proven to have positive effects on eliminating cancerous cells from the body...

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It isn't a cure... And we are yet to discover one.

We are a long way off from finding an official cure for cancer...

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And the numbers of those being diagnosed with the illness keep on rising every year. In 2019, an estimated 1.8 million cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone.

And, out of those diagnosed with the devastating illness...

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An estimated 606,880 sadly passed away.

These numbers are simply devastating.

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Medical researchers have been working hard for decades to find a cure for the illness and, though they haven't found one officially, they have come up with many alternative methods to combat the disease.

So, of course, whenever someone beats the disease...

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A huge celebration is in order.

And this brings us back to the story of Lula Beth.

The little girl and her family were told by doctors back in March that she had a Wilms tumor - a type of pediatric cancer - on her kidney.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Lula Beth's mom, Kristin Bowden, said:

"We never expected this news to happen to us. It’s always sad, heartbreaking stories of others that you see until it happens to you."

Lula Beth underwent major surgery to remove the tumor...

As well as enduring thirteen rounds of grueling chemotherapy in the short space of twenty-two weeks.

It was an unthinkably difficult time for the family.

But Kristin, who is a photographer, decided to document their journey, "so we could look back on it forever."

She staged photoshoots for every milestone in Lula Beth's cancer journey...

Including the moment she lost her hair as a result of the treatment, which Kristen noted she handled "graciously."

On August 7th, Lula Beth completed her final round of chemotherapy...

And 3 weeks later, Kristin revealed to her 18.9K Instagram followers that her daughter had miraculously been given the all-clear, and is now cancer-free.

This is incredible news...

And to celebrate it, Kristin decided to stage a very special photo shoot.

The photos are nothing short of stunning.

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Standing in an orange dress alongside a sign that reads, "It came. We Fought. We Won", Lula Beth can be seen standing proudly as she basks in her accomplishment.

The little girl radiates with happiness.

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Kristin captioned her post: "She did it!!! CANCER FREE."

The photoshoot very quickly went viral...

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And thousands of people from all over the world were quick to offer their congratulations. One social media user wrote: "So so happy for you and your little warrior. This is so precious." While another commented: "so happy and proud for you!! congratulations darling."

Congratulations, Lula Beth!

We wish the Bowden's a lifetime of happiness. For more heartwarming stories regarding the battle against cancer, keep scrolling to read about the little boy who grew his hair long for a very special reason...