Fox News Host Eats a Steak Whilst Interviewing a Vegan | 22 Words

Just when you think that the internet has finally gotten over something, something like this happens. And nine times out of ten, all of the fuss will be over something weird that Fox News has done.

Does anyone remember that funny, yet slightly disturbing, video of Jesse Watters eating a steak while having a debate with a vegan? Well, it's made a comeback in 2019 and we're here to give you the lowdown on exactly how this one particular video sparked yet another global debate between meat-eaters and vegans. Keep reading for some of the internet's very best reactions to the ridiculous video.

Fox News is known for its controversial news stories.

From delivering breaking news about social issues to their not-so-graceful means of calling out Democrats, you can always depend on this news channel to deliver breaking news to us in unique ways.

And only they could get away with releasing content like this weird Watters video.

Sometimes, they divert from their stories about world issues to do segments such as this one, wherein they interview guests with very particular opinions. The eating-steak-in-front-of-a-vegan segment was uncomfortable to watch, though I did find myself laughing throughout it - mainly because I just couldn't believe what was happening.

And who better to throw this story over to than the host of "Watters World"?

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Jesse Watters is known to be a man who makes his opinions heard, even if they do ruffle a few feathers. Recently, he has been under fire for his comments about Hillary Clinton and her planned production company. After claiming that America is now "over" Clinton, he goes onto say: "She’s boring. She has boring taste. I don't think anybody cares what is she is into. This is a vanity project for herself and Chelsea". Yikes.

For some, one video in particular video brought up questions about Watters' credibility as a journalist.

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In the full-length video, which can be found further down in this article, you can sense the tension between the host and guest, Dr. Delessio-Parson. This was primarily Watters' fault. His lack of understanding when it came to her opinions - which were pretty valid - raised doubts about his interest in the matter. Instead, he just belittled the "practicing vegan" by eating a whole steak throughout the course of the interview!

And Twitter had mixed reactions about it.

One user (@BestNJClean) thought that the Professor was being "uptight" and that the entire segment was supposed to be a joke.

And lots of people seemed to agree with him.

Another user (@wastedic) expressed that he was never a fan of the news channel until he saw this video. That's one more viewer for Fox News!

This user thought that it was actually pretty funny...

@onefourthton suggested that it would have disrespectful if Watters was "slaughtering a pig while making eye contact" with the guest, but, apparently, eating a dead animal while making eye contact with someone who is fundamentally against eating dead animals is fine... Let's not give him more ideas. I really wouldn't put slaughtering a pig past him.

Some people didn't agree with Watters' method of addressing the issue.

@Toxie138 thought the host was a "f***ing childish douche bag," which is pretty justifiable considering what he did.

And this user thought that it was just another way for the right-wing to be the "horrible" people that they are.

Bold political statement there, but Fox News is known for being slightly biased - and I use the term slightly very loosely.

So what did Watters' actually say while eating the steak in front of the "practicing vegan"?

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He had a lot to say to his guest between mouthfuls of medium-rare steak. Right from the start of the video, he had this smug look on his face while telling her to "just keep it simple" when explaining her points, which she really wasn't impressed with. Sorry Jesse, can we just try to keep it professional...

Being rude is one thing, demanding that crew member bring out a chunky piece of steak to eat while interviewing a vegan is another.

He proceeded to cut the steak up and to wave it about in front of her saying: "That looks pretty good".

Dr. Delessio-Parson really wasn't impressed, so she fired some shots of her own...

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The professor wasn't just going to sit and take it; she gave it right back to him, saying: "Yeah, that's some nice, dead cow hanging on your fork," and later asking the smug host: "Did God tell you that [to eat animals]?".

Have a look for yourselves and decide if he went too far, or if he was just making his opinion clear.

I know what I think...

"What's the beef with meat?"

At the end of the day, whether you're a meat-eater or a vegan, what you eat is, ultimately, a lifestyle choice, so there is no right or wrong answer - there are only arguments for either side and the decision remains personal. No one should be enforcing their lifestyle choices on anyone.

But it remains a constant global debate.

I might not agree with what Dr. Delessio-Parson has to say about there being a distinct link between meat eating and toxic masculinity, because that's pushing the boat out a little, but I do believe that there are benefits of a vegan diet.

Being vegan is better for the environment, for welfare, and for the animals involved.

Dr. Delessio-Parson raised some valid arguments surrounding the issue and maybe if Watters' wasn't so obsessed with eating his medium-rare steak and talking about squirrels, we would have been able to hear some more details about how eating meat impacts our planet.

Even though I wouldn't personally want to be a vegan because of my unhealthy love for cheese, I don't mind if someone else chooses to be.

There is a big difference between not agreeing with something and being blatantly disrespectful, and that's what Watters was doing throughout this entire segment: being disrespectful. It seemed as if he really wanted to belittle his guest because he didn't agree with what she was saying.

And this isn't the only time that hosts have belittled vegetarians and vegans.

Half of the world seems to be obsessed with this crazy idea that the vegans are taking over, with vegan food and diets becoming a trendy aspect of our lives.

Piers Morgan, a host on UK breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, also seems to dislike the idea of veganism.

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Popular day-time TV show, Good Morning Britain, is constantly debating the idea of veganism. They frequently bring on guests who have embraced the lifestyle and Piers Morgan, who you may know from shows such as America's Got Talent, basically tears them apart. Have a look for yourself.

There's a nicer way of doing it than this, Piers...

I'll leave you with this video of Piers Morgan getting pretty heated about "Veganuary". Yes, an entire month dedicated to veganism - bet Watters loved that.